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  • Silent Stage Report - Custom Preset offer!

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    i like to angle for your attention to our Silent Stage Report number 1


    Custom Preset offer:
    You need a solution for what you want to achieve with a certain VI? post your request to - we'll provide you with a custom Preset and a description how to use it!

    A cover version of "Here to Stay" by the American band Korn.
    The instrumental parts are played entirely by Vienna Instruments.

    we've had a lot of fun by producing this little movie and we hope you'll enjoy watching it.

    all the best, michael and david

  • [[:D]] Michi... very interesting! ...and real funny too!

    I like very much this passage...:
    David: "...but you might not be familiar with articulation terms like..."
    Michael: "...We'll try to help you to use the right patch..."
    ...and listening to it (and to the, too short!, Barber Adagio extract that follows), something came back to my mind and make me wish to ask...:

    Do you plane to enlarge the "User Manual" (read: video tutorials :wink[[[:)]]] with such kind of "help"? ...for the "classic-al" use of the VI...?

    I mean... someone told me that I'm a "gift musician" (hope it's true! [:O]ops[[[:)]]]... and... but... "not being very familiar" with the uge number of articulations in VI, makes me always feel unsure about the articulations (strings drive me crazy!) I choose!, a little (more) help would be great! (and, I'm sure, someone else here will share my wish!)

    Sorry for this loooooooooooooooong post (I hope I wrote it in... english! :shock[[[:)]]]...


    P.S.: Beat K... I know! [[:D]]'ve done a good job on that! (very useful indeed)