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  • Manuals for VI - better than Pro Ed?

    I'm sorely tempted by VI; however without knowing that the user manuals are going to be well written, in depth and useful in a real world context, I won't be going near my credit card.

    I don't think I'm alone in believeing that the 'how-to' documentation that came with the Pro Ed was woeful, and the DVD was not much better - if it hadn't been for Beat Kaufman, I think a lot of us would have been in the s!*t as regards the Performance Tool, etc.

    I'm certain that many users who actually earn their income through using VSL products will agree that they just don't have the time to go on the forum-searching, teeth gnashing, experimenting in the dark voyage of discovery that is necassery to get the most out of the Pro Ed. So, finally getting to the point.....

    Can anyone from VSL reassure us that there will be manuals / tutorials / examples to accompany VI, that aren't put to shame by the example set by companies like Spectrasonics and EW? You know what I'm talking about.... [[;)]]

    Doesn't seem unreasonable for a £3.6k investment, does it?

  • Hello reid,

    thanks for your kind words.

    Did you take a look at the first Video Tutorials for the Vienna Instruments?

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    @Another User said:

    thanks for your kind words.


    no need for sarcasm. Whilst the tone of my previous post is direct and perhaps a bit heavy on the flowery metaphors, I don't think there's much - if anything- in it that can be accused of being inaccurate.

    Yes, I've watched the first video tutorials several times; they're largely responsible for my interest in sending several thousand quid in VSL's direction. But they don't constitute a manual, and your response doesn't constitute much of an answer to my question.

    Can you or anyone else at VSL be a bit more forthcoming about what form the manuals for VI will take?


  • There will be more video tutorials,
    also a printed manual will be included,
    further there will be pdf files for download,
    and at last, the VI content includes a online info database,
    so you get the most important informations to each patch and matrixfile directly on the user interface (the display area in the middle of the VI)


  • Herb,

    thanks for the speedy reply. It's reassuring to hear that the support for VI will take several forms; sometimes nothing is better than a book to get absorbed in, other times just being able to watch someone do something is the quickest way to learn - what you've detailed sounds just up my street.

    So what you're really saying is, I've got no excuse now? [[:|]]

    There goes the holiday, car repair, rent, food.........

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    @herb said:

    [...] further there will be pdf files for download [...]


    Excellent, but downloadable for whom?
    I would like to suggest that you make the pdf files available not only in the user area, but for anyone. That way everyone would be able to read about the capabilities of the VI and may find it easier to value it before purchase. Online pdf manuals could function both as an eye-opener, and as a way to kill time when waiting for an order to arrive... [[;)]]

    Furthermore, making them freely available might lead to more people actually reading them, and VSL would get better incentives to make the manuals really good. So it's a win-win kind of thing I think. Surely, there's nothing to loose anyway, right?

    Best regards,

  • ....

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    @Falco said:

    Eine Frage an das VSL-Team:

    gibt es bei Euch ├ťberlegungen den nichtenglisch-sprachigen Usern (Kunden [;)] die Manuale etc. in deutscher Form zug├Ąnglich zu machen? M├Âchte ja nicht als "deutsch-t├╝melnd" verschrieen werden, aber bei den leider nur rudiment├Ąr vorhandenen Schulenglich-Kenntnissen bleibt wohl einiges auf der Strecke, was f├╝r meine Arbeit und den praktischen Umgang mit der Software n├╝tzlich w├Ąre.
    Vielleicht gibt es ja da drau├čen noch ein paar Leutchen, die das ├Ąhnlich sehen, Eure Produkte auch gerne "ausreizen" w├╝rden und sich ├╝ber eine deutsche Anleitung freuen w├╝rden (m├╝sste doch eigentlich f├╝r eine im deutschen Sprachraum ans├Ąssige Firma m├Âglich sein, oder?)

    Ok, jedem kann mans nicht recht machen (mu├č ja auch nicht gleich Suaheli sein), aber ein paar Gedanken in der Richtung w├╝rde ich begr├╝├čen.

    Mit internationalem Gru├č


    Ein deutschsprachiges Manual f├Ąnde ich auch sehr hilfreich.

  • falco, j,
    of course we have no problem to answer specific and/or more complicated questions in other languages than english, but i feel the politeness towards all other (international and by no means having all engish as their mother tongue) users would demand to continue this topic in the *default* language of this forum.
    thanks for your understanding, christian

    btw: paul has answered this question already in an earlier thread - to reiterate him: yes, it is intended

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • [I] btw, falco:
    please check the legal state of your username - we (vsl, running this forum) could easily get in trouble especially regarding german law!
    thanks for your considerations, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
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  • naja, ganz so isses ja nicht ....
    ... ich bin halt der meinung, dass es ein gebot der h├Âflichkeit ist - und zwar gegen├╝ber den vielen anderen usern, deren muttersprache auch nicht englisch ist wie zb. denen aus italien, frankreich, holland, schweden, dem ganzen spanisch und portugiesisch sprechendem raum, ect.

    wir hier in wien k├Ânnen auch nicht englisch, schreiben aber trotzdem munter drauf los [;)]

    es wird auch kein gespr├Ąchsthema ausgeschlossen, denn wie bereits erw├Ąhnt: wenn sich jemand mit der problembeschreibung oder fragestellung in englisch wirklich schwer tut, ist das auch kein drama.
    es soll aber nicht die regel werden und ist f├╝r *einfache* unterhaltungen auch nicht n├Âtig.

    DER support ist ├╝brigens hervorragend (das wird dir hier so gut wie jeder sicher gerne best├Ątigen) und wie paul bereits schrieb: per email k├Ânnen wir auch ganz gut deutsch [;)]

    lg, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.