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  • Synchron Bassoon 1 way out of range

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    Awesome Dietz thx a ton hehehe now i can try more stuff 😉

    have a nice day


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    I'm on VEP / Logic Pro 10.8 / ventura 13.6.1 on Macstudio.
    Logic pro & VEP server are on the same computer

    Today, I was trying to mod my VEP template from multi stero outputs to 7.1 outputs.
    My logic song is in 7.1 using VEP AU3 7.1 plugin

    My VEP Masterbus outputing : OUT1-OUT8

    I tested each 7.1 outputs from vep with suround pan pro soloing each channels one by one


    VEP L=L in Logic
    VEP C = Left Side Surround in Logic
    R = R in logic
    Rs (R side)= Right Rear Surround in Logic
    Rcs (R Back)= Center in Logic
    Lcs (L Back)= NO SIGNAL IN Logic
    Ls (Left Side)= Back left surround in logic

    Havn't tried the SUB

    Is it a config error from me or a routing bug???

    Thanks for your help

  • You did not mention if you are using a DAW or a scoring program like Dorico where the strange sounds occur. I recently had such an issue in Dorico. I discoverd that the wrong expression map was connected with the Bassoon I. It had the a3 Bassoons map. Setting it to the correct one solved the issue. As far as I can retrace, it happened when I switched to the VSL provided playback template which includes SY Woodwinds.

  • Yes, that is true - good point. In Dorico, things like that can quickly happen if one uses Groups vs Single musicians when assigning the instrument to the Dorico score. (since we offer Solo + a3 instruments in our library).

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing