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  • CineSamples/VEP Issues Ongoing for TEN YEARS!

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    Re: Remote VEPro losing scripts from Cinesamples instruments on reload of sequences


    Any update on this? Apparently this issue has been ongoing for TEN YEARS now! The second referenced post was by me from last year, but the first referenced post was from 10 years ago. That's crazy. And I thought it might've been the system I was running, but I just upgraded to a Mac Studio and now have all samples running on one machine....and STILL getting this exact same issue. Having to go through and create MIDI CC data shortcuts for each instrument of CineSamples's release nob is ridiculous. Having to go through each opened session and go through each instrument and remembering to make sure you toggle the release nob for any CineSamples instrument you've used is silly. Again, quoting what Cinesamples responded to MIchael's inquery:

    "I don't know the differences of how VEPro handles loading Kontakt instruments whether it's in "decoupled" mode or not. To get an in depth explanation of this, please contact the VEPro support team. I will say, however, that VEPro sometimes does not fully initialize Kontakt scripts in certain circumstances. One possible reason that you may be getting what you refer to as 'ADSR' issues is because the Attack and Release is implemented in the script and not the patch. It's possible that VEPro is not initializing the script fully or properly in whatever initialization modes you have selected. I would suggesting either getting in touch with the VEPro support team regarding this issue or switching your VEPro settings back to the way they were when CinePerc was initializing properly."

    No one responded to Michael's post 10 years ago, and no one has responded to my post from last year. Hearing anything back would be nice!

    Appreciate any help,

    John Theodore