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  • The way VSL uses iLok is extremely frustrating. Vienna Boys Choir and Basso Profondo not working.

    I just purchased those two libraries. Since I’m doing a fresh install of macOS Sonoma, I got to the point where I was going to install my VSL libraries.

    But when I open the Vienna download app, it tells me to make sure all my licenses are activated in iLok. So I open iLok, select all my VSL licenses and click on the √ button to activate. But it gives me a dialog that looks something like this, except that it shows all the libraries (I took this one later):

    I click cancel, but somehow all the licenses got activated but two: Vienna Boys Choir and Basso Profondo, the two that I was excited to try out and that I spend a lot of money on.
    But when I try to activate either, I get the dialog you see above, or this one:

    Both of these show they can be activated in two ways, iLok stick and iLok Cloud:

    However, even though I’m signed in to my iLok Cloud account, as you can see, I don’t have the option.
    I’m sure that when you start your day tomorrow you will find that something got screwed up in your server and finally tomorrow I will be able to start using the libraries I bought today. But why does it have to be like that? I mean, why the activation to iLok Cloud? I only have three vendors that use iLok, Eastwest, Liquid Sonic and VSL. I never have any problems with Eastwest or Liquid Sonics, I activate once and forget. But the one that always gives me problems is VSL, with the iLok Cloud.
    When I load the plugins from the other two companies, they just load and that’s it. When I load the Synchron Player, it appears on screen for a moment, then disappears for a second or two, then reappears. It’s absolutely annoying. No other plugin I have does that. And my guess is that it’s because of the cloud thing.
    Please fix this, it's getting really annoying. I would much rather spend time playing around with these two choirs that I just bought instead of typing up an email and this post.

  • After I posted this and sent the email, I found the article about going to File then open cloud session, but why make things so complicated? Why can't we just activate to the machine like all the other companies that use iLok? Do you not see that it hurts you more than it helps you?

    A frustrated customer is never a good customer.

  • Hi Sebastian,

    Thank you for your feedback. You are right - the option to open a cloud session in the first place is unreasonably hidden on the iLOK License Manager-side. We hope this can be changed - but we are also trying to improve the software side of our players to make it more clear what is missing. Only our HELLO FREE products allow machine-based licensing.

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing