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  • VEP 7 crashes when dragging tracks into a folder

    Hi folks, 

    I am in the middle of setting up my master template for Nuendo. During this process, I have encountered an odd behavior.

    I created all the instruments first. Then I created the folder structures for all instances. In most cases, there were no problems. 

    But with instruments that are split into multiple channels (e.g. Violin I. into Violin I. longs and Violin I. shorts; same instrument, + ) this kind of drag process leads to a total freeze of VEP 7. 

    Is there a way to get around this? I would like to structure several libs into dedicated folders since it really helps to clean up the VEP session. 


    Eager to hear some perspectives on that. I wish all of you a great day. ;)

    Best, Dominik 

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    Having the same problem on my end. Running VEPro 7.3.3502 on a M2 Mac Studio using Ventura 13.5.

    It also crashes when duplicating tracks or simply moving things around.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



  • Same problem here. Running VEPro 7.3.3502. When re-ordering or moving folders, plugins or busses in the Channels bar, VEPro suddenly crashes. Any updates to fix this coming up?

  • If possible, it would help if reproduction steps, system information & crash reports could be provided via email to

    FAQ: How to create a support file?
    FAQ: How to provide crash reports?

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
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    Same problem here.

    @Andreas82 It would be general helpful for us users and developers too, if this post crash collecting of needed data happens automatically so we just send them per click with some comment - as it is normal since years for all the other pro software out there.

  • Same here, very odd. Where is VEP Server storing any crash dumps or log files?

  • I can verify, I'm having the same problems. Can hardly drag and drop a track sometimes as VEPro 7 will crash (Windows 10). Crashed 4 times today when trying to add more virtual instruments.

  • Same here ... I'll delete the new post I created today and open a support ticket with minidump the next time it occurs.