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  • VelXF and Synchron Player with CC28


    I have a small technical question about the Synchron Player. I was used to working with VI pro and to switch off VelXF, I turnes off the switch with CC28 to zero. That always worked fine. Now with the Synchron Player, CC28 is still present, but doesn't trigger any viable action: the switch (Vel XF) keeps the previous color (blue) and seems to stay active. When I slide up to 100, nothing visible happens either. Of course one can set the velXF off in edit mode for a certain patch, but that makes the CC28 obsolete and useless in an automation lane. Is there a reason for that odd behaviour? And I noticed also that the VelXF slider keeps moving, although it's switched off by nature in short patches (like spicc, staccatos...) (I wrote an automation line to see what would happen with the VelXF switched off).


  • Hi,

    What DAW do you use?

    In my case (with Studio One), The "Vel.XF On" Parameter correctly switched it off and on. The same correctly works with the "Ctrl 1-29" (29 instead of 29 I think because it's not 0 indexed - so CC1 also is Ctrl 1-2 instead of 1-1. Little oversight I think, but in Studioone the main Parameters can also be accessed by names).

    It is correct that the slider still moves, but if it's switched off it doesn't influence the layers.

  • Thanks,


    I also work with Studio One5 Pro. However, CC28 doesn't work with Synchron. It has always worked with VI (Pro), but definitely not with the Syn. Player. I read in your reply that the CCs can be accessed by names. I know there are some ready made (Expression, Velocity, Volume...) but most others are just CCs and numbers and it seems not possible to give them a proper name. Maybe I don't know how, but it would be a lot easier if it could.

    The question with the switching off is not so important, since the short patches have it already switched off. (Although the button stays blue...). But sometimes it is useful to have it on: e.g. when a detached should be longer.

    And maybe you can answer this one too: why is it that some very important patches have disappeared (like long crescendos or diminuendo? Like repetitive short patches?) They existed in VI Pro and were very useful to create a natural sequence of short notes. Now we have to make them ourselves again which implies the danger of the dreadful machine gun effect. (I refer to the Elite Strings, but also other Synchron libraries have the same shortcomings.)