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  • SOLVED Where do I find VEPRO server interface on Slave PC?


    I have VEPRO 5 hooked up and running being hosted on PC Slave (64 Bit) connected to my MAC which hosts Pro Tools 12.4 (64 bit) .

    Everything seems to be working fine. and I have several instances of VEPRO open but I cannot find the actual server interface and therefore unable to save metafiles.

    What the....?

    Any help would be appreciated.



    - Steve

  • Click the icon on the Task Bar


  • SOLVED -- The server was running in the background but the server window was inaccessable do to what may be a bug triggered if the application is not closed properly. I am guessing there is probably a proper order to close and then restart VEPRO and I didn't follow that order so when I opened it the second time the server was accessible but server window was not.  Once I rebooted the PC eveything was fine until I closed VEPRO and opened it again and then the server window went missing again. I rebooted to fix the problem but still unsure how to avoid having to reboot the PC eveythime I reopen the server (however it is my intention to keep the PC and VEPRO running 24/7)