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  • Policies? license transfer?

    Just out of curiousity...  I may be willing to sell a library that I purchased from VSL.  Can someone tell me the policy/procedure and if it's even allowed?  I know some software co's do not allow a person to transfer or sell their library to another individual.  After doing a quick search I didn't come up with the info I was looking for.  So I apologize if this a redundant question/post on my part.

    Thanks ahead of time for any help.


  • Hello Brad, 

    I’m sorry to hear that you want to resell your Vienna Instruments Collections.

    I'm glad that you get in contact with us because the transfer of licenses of Vienna Instruments to another user is not possible without our involvement and permission. Vienna Symphonic Library allows a license transfer under certain, regulated circumstances.

    The procedure is as follows:

    1. The handling fee for the license transfer is 10% of the current price of the registered products (minimum USD 70.00/EUR 50.00/GBP 45.00)..

    2. Announce name and email address of the user the license should be transfered to:

    3. Hand over the complete product to the buyer: the DVDs in their original packaging (including serial number), the Vienna Instruments software CD, the manual as well as the registered ViennaKey which contains the product licenses of the registered products.

    4. The buyer has to register as a user on our website (please let me know which email address was used for registration) and confirm that he has received the material listed in 3) to request the change of the registration data.

    5. The licenses will be transfered to the new user.

    Kindly note that we don’t allow reselling through platforms like eBay or similar, so you’ll have to find a buyer privately. 

    If you want to proceed with the license transfer of the registered products under the mentioned circumstances, please contact us at



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hey Paul,

    Thanks so much for the response.  Very happy with everything I have from VSL... I'm just not using one of the products at all anymore. So instead of allowing it to sit and collect dust, I thought it might be usefull to sell it.  The information is greatly appreciated though.


  • Hello, Paul -

    I may be in the position to purchase some VSL libraries at a discount. I have never used VSL libraries but like to start! As part of the license transfer, does VSL handle the actual money as well, to guarantee a complete and satisfactory transaction, or is the money handled strictly by the buyer and seller?

    Thanks -


  • Hi Ken, 

    Money is handled strictly by the buyer and seller. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi, I'm in the process of selling my Vienna Imperial license. 


    Paul's email address is greyed out in the above instructions.  Who do I send the new owner's name and email address to?



  • Hi, 

    Please contact, my colleagues will take care of the license transfer. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul.

  • How does VSL protect the buyer and seller?

    To protect the buyer, do you inform the buyer, by email, that the seller sent you an email with intention to sell and the seller had a valid account at VSL? 

    To protect the seller, do you withhold licence download of the libraries from buyers account until the seller reports that the  payment was successfully made?

    Otherwise, transactions are very unsafe and what use is the 10% commission they get on the resale?  I would be very leery of buying so much from VSL if they did not provide proper ability to resell. I could have bought a used car with that money. ;)

    I'm going through a transaction now.

  • How do you find a seller? After seeing this thread and the reply of someone explicitly stating interest in purchasing I made my own post to facilitate my own sale and it got taken down apparently?

  • Hello, 

    It is possible to sell your licenses VSL products, under certain, regulated circumstances. 

    To protect both the seller and the buyer, we need to monitor every step of the license transfer, and this is done on a case-by-case basis. 

    There are many factors to be considered: Upgrade prices, student discounts, multiple keys, and of course we are checking if the key containing the correct licenses and all parts of the sold products have arrived at the buyer´s place. 

    To find a buyer, these are the rules:

    1. The buyer must be found privately and the products must not be advertised in the VSL forum.
    2. Auction platform like eBay are not allowed.  

    The handling fee for this individual assistance is 10% of the full price of the product (minimum fee EUR 50). 

    The legal buyer of 'second hand' products of the Vienna Symphonic Library has full access to our support, software updates and sample downloads - he can even take advantage of our upgrade discounts with future orders, and can resell the products again at a later time.

    Please contact us directly at with any questions that may pop up!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Ok Paul. I'll have the sellers contact you so you can email me the confirmation of their holding a valid VSL account and their intent to sell a product to me.

    Thank yet again for your amazing help. Its like you actually care about us!   Has your boss given you that raise yet? You are on every issue, pouncing like a cat on a mouse.  

  • When do I pay the seller? When I receive their shipped Vienna Key and CD? or when I receive your confirmation email that the seller is a valid account holder that is selling me Vienna Brass( insert list of products)? 

  • If the seller turns around and does not send me his Vienna Key but I already paid him, can I still get my license?

  • Hi,

    If you feel that you can´t really trust your seller, I´d ask him to send the package and pay the agreed upon price with cash on delivery (ask the postman to wait until you have checked that the licenses are still on the key).

    This way you are safe. We never had any troubles there, and I´m happy to say that all our customers that I met are friendly and honest people. In other words: musicians!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Sometimes people do not want to sell individual portions of their library. That means I might own more than one of the same product.  Can we resell the extra licence? 

  • If, for example, you have a download Flute and you subsequently buy the Full Woodwinds Collection 2nd hand, I see no reason that you couldn't sell the original download Flute, although TBH, it might not be worth it, after all costs.

    However, if it is a product which comes with 3 licence, like VE Pro, you can't sell part of the product. It's either all 3 licences or none.


  • 10% of current price meaning, full retail and not "my price" ( as the buyer) with discounts from owning components within a bundle?

  • Yes, that's correct.


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    @Paul said:


    If you feel that you can´t really trust your seller, I´d ask him to send the package and pay the agreed upon price with cash on delivery (ask the postman to wait until you have checked that the licenses are still on the key).

    We can do that on international shipments?