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  • VIP2 and slow/laggy GUI

    I am experiencing a very erratic behaviour with VIP2's GUI.

    I have a project with just one instance of VIP2 (only a harp patch) and the CPU is about 20-25%. I use 4GB of RAM out of my total 12.

    Vienna Instruments GUI has a very big amount of lag, Meters are very slow, the controls do not move when I use the mouse but it takes about one second to update.

    For what it's worth, all other plugins (even graphics intensive spectrum analyzers) show up smoothly with no hiccups or lag.

    Anyone else experiencing that?

    I am using the latest version if VI Pro2

  • I have to add that I tried loading VI (not Pro) in the same project and it does not have any GUI problems so this is specific to VI Pro

  • Just a few questions

    - Is the software running on a local screen, or over a remote desktop connection?

    - If it's run remotely, what kind of network connection is used (wifi, router speed, etc)?

    - Is the project use in conjunction with Vienna Ensemble Pro?

    - Are the latest video drivers installed?

    - During the time when a slider is dragged inside VIPro interface with mouse pressed down - does it update smoothly (including the meters), or is there still a tremendous lag?

  • Should really consolidate these into a single thread. Get all the affected systems in one place. 

  • 1. Local screen. Single screen.

    2. No VEP

    3. Yes, latest nVidia drivers

    4. No it does not update smoothly. There is tremendous lag.

  • We have a difficulty reproducing this (E.g., GUI barely takes 1-3% on my laptop, which is even older). So really it looks like there is some common factor that we have to establish. I apologize for being clueless (yet) - we will try to find a system, where it would be posible to debug it. Our hardware guys are looking, if they can recreate the problem on any of our office computers.

    Please send a saved file from msinfo32 utility to

    1. Please start msinfo32 from a start menu or a Windows 'Run' dialog.

    2. On the application choose File->Save... and store the information to ComputerInfo_YourName.nfo

    3. Zip the file and attach to a mail, sending it to

    In the subject of the e-mail message please mention "VIP2 and slow/laggy GUI - please forward to George"

    Additionally, if such file exists, I would ask to attach also the following log to the mail message, or otherwise mention, that the file is absent:

    C:\Users\<CurrentUserName>\AppData\Roaming\VSL\Vienna Instruments Pro\log.txt

    If somebody else stumbles upon this thread for the same reasons - please do the same. We will meanwhile continue with our investigation.

  • Hello George,

    I am sorry for the delay but I was not in my studio this period.

    I have to report something that I found though as it might help.

    During the weekend before your response here, I was trying to do some kind of troubleshooting.

    I deleted Cubase's preferences. It made no difference so I restored them.

    What I found is that when I switched my 3D settings in Nvidia panel to Optimize for better performance I am not able to reproduce the problem anymore. The second thing I did is I installed the latest Quicktime.

    I don't know how this can be connected to the problem but for the time being, I am not able to reproduce the problem yet. I don't see the reason why I had to set Optimize for better performance in Nvidia panel though. It's not like VIP2 is a 3D application or something.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  • the SDK not making OpenGL calls? 

    I have been through about every performance setting on my Nvidia control panel. I can improve the situation by dropping windows to 16bit color. But, who wants to do that? It doesn't completely go away...but, it does indicate that the graphics card, graphic OS subsystem/drivers interplay are what's causing lag and high CPU usage on certain systems. 

    I don't remember, did I run the above test for you? I know I ran a utility that spelled out every API call the card would accelerate...but, I don't know if I made the broader system config file...