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  • Clicks and pops

    Friends I am having some clicks and pops when I play my VE pro 5 PC connected to my MAC pro via the server inrerface. The Computer that the VE pro and instruments reside  is a Windows vista/ Intel core 2 quad 2.66gHZ.  4 gig RAM... I am using PT-9 on a MAC 2x 3 dual core  OS 10.6.8.    Server connects no problem, however if the sequence becomes heavy with instruments clicks and pops begin. Can anything be done to fix this.  I do have several connections attached to a LINKSYS switch box  for my D command console.  This problem just started even before I updated to VE pro 5.  Can't figure out why it si doing this now ..


  • You are running out of CPU. Check activity monitor on the Mac and task manager on the PC to work out which is maxing out. 

  • O.K. I'm more of a MAC guy so, I can check my activty in PT -9. I don't think it's maxed out but I'll look. The clicks are coming from VE. I know that for sure.  However where in windows or in the VE program can I check the task manager. Also, what can be done... more memory?  The clicks start when I go above 6 or 7 channels or VI instruments.  

  • 8 cores on your PC ought to be sufficient to run 6 or 7 instances of VI. 4gb RAM is low, so an upgrade there would be beneficial overall.You should def check if your RAM is maxing out. Additionally, I know that sometimes low drive speed can cause clicks, though it is less common than cpu problems. What drive speed are you using? you should use at least a 7200 rpm dedicated drive. Also, make sure your thread count is taking full advantage of your cores (set under VEP preferences.) To troubleshoot, other than monitoring CPU, RAM, and disk usage (I'm a Mac guy as well, so I don't know how to direct you there) I would add tracks one by one until you start getting clicks and pops. Finally, make sure your latency and buffer settings are optimal. I would start out with a latency of either 256 or 512 and set VEP to 2 buffers. Also keep your sample rate to 44.1or 48khz (and not 96khz +). As far as interaction with PT 9, I'm in the dark. I'm a Cubase user, so perhaps someone can jump in here with PT suggestions. You can also try reducing release samples if you're using instruments with a lot of release samples and composing parts with a lot of polyphony. As always, you should contact VSL support with system specs, an analytical description of behavior, whatever steps you've taken to troubleshoot the problem, and a screenshot of all relevant settings. -M

  • Thanks mboc for all the info.  Here goes a dumb question..... How can you see if 4 gigs of RAM is enough?  Where can I see the activity and usage on a PC.  Is it inside the  VE-5 program  bottom right? How can I tell if I need more RAM.   The PC is a Creation Station from Sweetwater Sound so I am sure the drives are correct.  Adding RAM,I believe is easy, at least it is on a MAC.  What would be a healthy amount of RAM for normal to high useage of VE-5 ?  Thanks again for all the info.


  • I don't know Windows, but for Mac it's activity monitor. That will tell you how much free RAM you have etc. It seems that Task Manager is the Windows equivalent, but how to find and navigate it, I can't tell you. As for RAM, I personally have 32gb in both my master and slave Mac Pros. That's a lot relatively speaking. I'd shoot for at least 16gb. Also, I've had problems with mismatched RAM, so I'd try to use the same make and size sticks. VSL support is good at recommending system specs, esp with re to your specific needs. I recommend contacting them. Paul or someone else should get you sorted out. HTH Mike

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    OT: Mike, it might be advisable to visit your User Profile, open the "Community"-tab and set the "Content Editor" to "Enhanced", otherwise your message-formatting will always get lost.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks Dietz... I'll make the changes


  • It's simple...task manager...performance tab--shows ram usage. 

    You don't really mention your OS specifics...4gb if 32bit may not even be being utilized. More accurately--it is NOT all being utilized--the only question is to what degree. The max I was able to squeeze out for a user mode app was about 2.8gb in 32bit Windows--and that was with customization to make that happen. 

    You're not running out of CPU unless maybe you have the buffers set to 32samples or something. My full string arrangements with impulse verbs, etc, don't eat 25% of my c2quad at 128 sample buffer. I Ran the original VI for years on a single core P4/4gb machine. VSL OS not CPU intensive. Now, of you're opening play or Kontakt4 libs in VE, that changes. 

    What you want to do it to be looking at task manager in real time while you have the arrangement playing back. Do you see CPU(s) spiking? If you're out of ram, that will certainly cause it...but, that's easier to determine than fix if 32bit OS. 

  • Thanks for the info popmann
    My OS for my PC is Windows Vista Home Pre.My MAC is running 10.6.  I use PT -9.  The pops and crackles are interment.  You are correct about the RAM... Bumping up my RAM should be done.  It's cheap and it's just better to have more room.   I have PLAY and would like to open that up in VEP -5, but I know that might be pushing it.   I'll take your advice and check the task manager and see what's going on.   I think it would be best to upgrade to Windows 7 and get out of 32 bit limitations.   Thansk again for all the expert information. 


  • Also check your buffer settings in VEP. Set your latency on your plug in in your sequencer to "2 Buffers" and on your VEP VI's make sure your buffer is not set too low. 512 should be sufficient. Also, take a look at your settings in whatever Virtual Instrument you are using. If you are using a lot of Kontakt instruemtns, you might be tryinr to stream too fast. Set your preload buffer higher. If you are running our of RAM, decrease your preload buffer. I would chekc your buffers first though. That is more than likely what is happening.

  • In VEP Pref's you should probably also check "open instances minimized on load". This will only load the samples you are using within a given sequence, so that you aren't chewing up your ram with a bunch of samples you aren't using. Hope this helps...

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    @delaplanemusic said:

    In VEP Pref's you should probably also check "open instances minimized on load". This will only load the samples you are using within a given sequence, so that you aren't chewing up your ram with a bunch of samples you aren't using. Hope this helps...

    Actually, this option will just minimize (hide) the instance windows. It has no effect on the amount of loaded samples.

  • Wow!! Thanks to everyone  for the help... I'll check on all the points I received. 


  • Well, I have checked the buffers which were at 2, and the VI set at 512.   I have also minimized the load... still once I go past 5 channels or instruments I start to hear crackles.   Now the task manager shows 2.22  RAM and sometimes higher.  The CPU load is around 27%. ....  It's got to be the RAM.  I still think 4 gig is way too small.  I have ordered 8 more gigs which will total 12 and I am updating to Windows 7 , 64 bit mode.  Again, thanks to all  for the knowledgeable support.  I'll add the RAM, update, and next week I'll let everyone know if this helps.


  • I'm sorry...I should have specified to look at the threads in TM of VEP and total that ram. Unless your machine has been configured with the /3gb switch, it will only allow user mode access up to 2gb...considering there can be some overhead for startup cpls and such, if the VEP is APPROACHING 2gb, you will run into trouble. You can google the 3gb switch for xp and up that to 3gb for user mode, which I had set for meant I got about 2.7gb of cubase sample ram. That old machine had Gigastudio, which uses kernel mode ram, so I could load more on top of that, but using vsl and others insider cubase got unstable after about the 2.7 range. That still a bunch of articulations, though. I could load cello/viola/violin of my solo and chamber strings-perfect legato and the various articulation single note patches. I mean, I guess that's only "6 instruments"...but, that's fairly full articulation loads. Then I'd optimize via the VI GUI once the part was there...

  • Thanks popmann for the reply.  It does seem like a RAM problem. I'm only at the "patch"  in VI.. only a few articulations. ... no matrix involved. and it just can't handle more then 6 or 7 inst.  I'm a MAC man but I can move around Vista.  The PC is a Sweetwater creation Station. It's got a Asus P5QL PRO Motherboard.  The MAX for that board is 16 RAM at  64 bit but I need to do a clean install with Windows 7.  I purchased Windows 7 and 8 gigs of RAM. I think 12 should be enough.  Now I hope that this will show up in task manager.   From what you are telling me ... How can I make sure that the RAM is being used the right way.   Is there something I need to "tweak"... or was that just for 32 bit usage..... Is there anything I should "tweak" or check on once I update to 7... Yes.. I will back up my projects.. I will assume I will just download VEP and VE5 since I have the incenses.  Any tips? Thanks again for all your expert advice...


  • There's nothing to tweak for ram usesge on a 64bit OS. Fwiw. I have 8gb and have never been able to max it out. Bfd2 huge drum kit...Scarbee pianos and mojo horns in Kontakt...PLAY engine QLSO gold...individual VIP2...and also, fwiw, if you buy VIPro2 (and you should-world of diff)...and put the VSL samples on a solid state drive, you can reduce the amount buffered into ram significantly--meaning you need even less ram. And, well--it should load a lot faster. 

    Anyway, you should do 9 or 12 if the machine is triple channel. My old c2q is 8gb max-dual channel. Ram is so cheap, it's no longer really a big deal to get more than you need. 

  • Thanks popmann... another question...

      Will my VEP-5 projects (sessions) load back into VEP5.  I am concerned because all of the projects have a (32bit) tag on the end. Now I will be running in 64 bit. Will these session  be able to load?  Does it matter 32 or 64 on the MAC when I call up the server.... Do I need to convert these session to 64? in so... how... 

    Thanks in advance

  • You can safely reassign your 32-bit sessions and plugins to use 64-bit servers, the data will load properly.