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  • Articulations, I still don't get it!

    Hello, I'm still relatively new to the vienna ensemble software & changing articulation has proved to be a puzzle! I've watched the video regarding the matix and I do understand the function of it but I can never reinact. The forum has helped a little but it's not specific, reference to the video is used and it's too vague. Is there no possible way of doing a step-by-step guide to using keyswitch pitch wheel, controller, speed and velocity in the H Span, V span and A/B select? There are so many ways of changing articulations and I've only managed to use velocity articulations in the V-Span. Here's an example of what I'm asking for:

    "Changing cello articulations from sustain to portamento using the V-Span Velocity function.

    1) Create two matrix cells and find the required articulations, in this case Sustained & Portamento Cello

    2) In the V-Span cell, change "keyswitch" to "velocity'

    3) Adjust the meter to where you want the articulation to change. As a result, any notes played below the velocity of 64 for example will play sustained, above portamento. 

    I know this is asking for a lot but I've searched everywhere for the answer and it's really fustrating when you've got an idea and you spend 80 per cent of the time fiddling around aimlessy trying to do something so simple :( Hope someone can provide the answer for me.
    Regards, Axel  

    I'm using Vienna Special Edition with Vienna Instruments with Logic Pro 9 

  • Hello AxelKacoutie and welcome in the family of VSL

    It is maybe not easy to get an overview of all the possiblities you have with all the products of VSL. Later on you will be happy about all the options.

    I recommend only to use the Vienna Instrument (VI = SamplePlayer). The Vienna Ensemble (VE) is a host so to say as you already have with LOGIC itself.

    Of course you have a lot more additional possibilities than with LOGIC itself but for collecting first experiences it is better to us just the VI.

    OK some important things first:

    1. Use one VI for one instrument (VI 1 for the 1st Violin, VI for the 2nd Violin,...)

    2. The VI does not understand midi channel information

        So the selection of different articulations happens with other orders. For example with keyswitches.

        These keyswitches are midi-notes (keys) outside the playing range of the certain instrument.

        Please follow this short example here...

    3. Other important links:


        and another link which shows how to select all the possible places within the matrices which are able to host articulations:


    4. Further, feel free to surf around the VI-Tricks. Perhaps you will find other helps.

    Best and a lot of success with your VSL-Libraries...


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • Wow thank you so much! This helped a lot! Second time that Vienna has helped me out again. Much appreciated! 

  • [:D] Thanks


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":