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  • VE Pro 5 Audio/Event Input in DP

    Using one instance via VE Pro Event input, instead of many, is a great advantage. And it’s working nicely. Thank you VSL.  But… (there’s always this “but”) the Bounce-to-Disk function in DP does not function - period.  We tried everything possible.  So regrettably we are reverting to the “old ways” (many instances, overburdened CPU, etc.) where the Bounce-to-Disk works. Guess there’s no free lunch. Any ideas?



    All latest equipment.

  • Hi solo, 

    Just to confirm here: "All latest equipment" means that you are working on the latest Mac PRO with the latest DP version and the latest VE PRO 5.0.9735 software. 

    Would be great if other DP users could confirm this, we´re also looking into it. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Latest is actually 5.0.9753. Sort of confusing since the version before that was 5.0.9735.

  • 5.0.9753 it is.

  • well freezing certainly works as I did it in server mode a couple of days ago. Not sure about bouncing but can try it next week.

  • Yes, I’m aware that “freezing” works, but as you’re surely aware it’s not the same as “bouncing”. Most of our studio projects are an hour and a half long, so “freezing” becomes very time consuming. As I said earlier, the “bouncing” does work in the multiple-instances environment without the use of VE Pro Event system… so that’s where we’re at.



  • Yes I know   - I freeze more than bounce  - but I'll give it a go next week. You are probably right.

  • Under DP 7.24 and VEP 5.0.9753, I can't make audio file w/ correct sounds and no AUX recordings neither. Your new Event plug-ins are really great! but if we can't use these things, nothing to do for our jobs. Yes, if we don't use Event plug-ins just like before as VEP4, we can Bounce-to-Disk and AUX recordings. Please fix this Event plug-ins bugs a.s.a.p. Thanks

  • Dear VSL,

    Is there an update on the fix of “Bounce-to-Disk” situation in DP?   VE “Pro Event input” was advertised as a good solution to trim the multiple instances of VE. Yet, we cannot use it due to the “Bounce-to-Disk” malfunction in DP.



  • Hi,

    I finished today a big project and I'm beginning a new one in thee days. That's why I'm on the verge of upgrading from VEP4 to VEP5.

    Sice I'm a DP user that heavy relies on Bounce to Disk feature I'd like to hear an official word from VSL about this matter and, of course, the sooner the better! ;-)

    To make the things further clear, I'd like to take advantage of the new VEP5 features (the "more than 16 midi channel per plugin" alone is a blessing!), and I'm willing to pay the fair price for the upgrade, but I'm not prepared to trade them all for the Bounce to Disk facility.

    Thanks in advance for any infos and kudos to VSL team for developing such a useful piece of software.



  • At this point, bouncing does not work for the new Audio/Event Input plugins unfortunately. It still works perfectly when working with just the main VE Pro plugin like in VE Pro 4 of course (nothing changes there). I'll do my best to get it fixed as soon as possible.

    To avoid any confusion: This only applies to DP. 

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    Thank you Karel for your prompt and honest reply.

    @Karel said:

    To avoid any confusion: This only applies to DP. 

    Well, I'm kind of sorry to aknowledge that the VSL's DP user base is so little that your beta test team didn't feel the urge to try one of the basic function of this DAW.

    Anyway I'm glad to know you're working to solve this major bug and I'm looking forward to hearing from you the announce of a new release that addresses it, I'm sure that you (and your R&D team) will do your best as you always did.

    As of now, it seems inappropriate to me to upgrade to VEP5 just to use it the way I'm currently doing with VEP4. So, in the meantime I'll stick with VEP4 which runs rock solid for me and I'll be anxiously waiting for your announce to upgrade to VEP5.

    Thanks again for your sincere reply



  • There's still all the other additional features to upgrade for of course. Such as plugin latency compensation, surround support, fully mappable touch parameter automation, more flexible routing using the post effects rack, dockable windows, and a ton of other general improvements. These are not related to the Audio/Event Input plugins in any way. I'd recommend you to at least demo VE Pro 5 ;)

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    @Karel said:

    I'd recommend you to at least demo VE Pro 5 😉

    Thanks again Karel, that I'll surely do! 😉



  • Just remember that while VE Pro 5 is fully backward compatible with VE Pro 4, you can't load VE Pro 5 projects with VE Pro 4. So be sure to keep backups.

  • Good point Karel!

    I'll be careful to not mess with metaframes versions...[:S]

  • Not just metaframes, also your master host project.

  • Yes sir, you're right again!

    Of course if I save a DP song with VEP5 plugins there's no way to open it when I roll back to VEP4. Well, I think that DP will open it but it will complain that a plugin is missing since it cannot find VEP5 which the song was saved with.

    Another point taken! [:P]

  • Currently the situation in DP with regards to the Audio/Event Input plugins is as follows:

    - In DP's Audio Plug-ins preferences, you have to disable Pre-gen mode for all plugins. Otherwise the Audio/Event Input plugins will not work properly.

    - Bouncing (offline rendering) does not work, but Freezing (real-time rendering) does work. It is possible to bounce by first freezing and then bouncing the resulting frozen tracks.

    The manual will soon be updated with this information as well (as well as information about workarounds in Logic).

    IMPORTANT: This only applies to the Audio/Event Input plugins in DP. VE Pro 5 still works just as well as VE Pro 4 for regular operation.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. 

  • [quote=Karel]-

    Hey Karel,

    this seems like a very reasonable workaround untill you find a way to definitely solve it and release a new update.

    I really appreciate your efforts, thanks!