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  • VI PRO 2 Teaser Video

    Dear Forum Members,


    I'm very happy to announce that Vienna Instruments PRO 2 is just around the corner! We've added a few very cool features, one of which you can watch and listen to in our new video:

    It's all played live, no sequencers or notation programs have been used, just Vienna Instruments PRO 2 and Vienna Ensemble PRO.




  • Cool, Can't wait !!!

  • Dear Herb, that looks like a fabulous release!

    Am I right in thinking that with the new features auto-divisi will be possible? Or at least Divisi by Midi message?


    - Mathis

  • I was excited enough already... this video just pushed me over the top! I may yet explode with excitement, lol.

    I'm having to restrain myself from asking loads of questions. I know we'll have to wait... but I've been wondering about one thing in VIP2 for a while, and the video prompts this question again: Is the crossfading (like at 37 seconds into the video) being done via these new features or via a controller pedal? I've been wanting to know if the crossfading was part of this 'pattern sequencer' type feature, some other feature, or not at all...???


  •  I guess you mean the piano to mezzoforte to piano chord? (I can not watch the video at the moment)

    That would be a "pfp" patch, where the dynamic changes are original recorded.



  • Awesome - can't wait!

  • Hi, great programing, wonderful sound! Can you tell which libraries were used on this teaser? 

  • No problem, more or less Symhonic Cube stuff. Solo strings, Orchestral Strings, Woodwinds I+II, Brass I+II, with a few exceptions.

    for example when the "Flutes" registration is on, a bass flute is part of this register.

    Most of it could be realised with the Special Edition content, except the runs, which requires the fast performance-legato content.



  • Amazing how powerful the system becomes, I will be waiting for the release...

    Best to you and your team

  • Hi Herb, Love the video, I have vienna Ensemble Pro, what are the cost's of sepcial edition and legato content to obtain same sound and performance as video, can you also tell me cost of Pro 2 and how soon it will be released Thanks Billy

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    Hello Billy,

    Here are the links to the

    Special Editions

    Vienna Instruments PRO (Version 2 is in the pipeline).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Like all others I am greatly looking forward to the release of the new editions. A strange question perhaps, but would you be kind enough to share the name and model of the small additional keyboard used in the demo?

    Please keep up the excellent work, you are in a legue of your own!



  • Hi Roy, 


    It´s a Doepfer LMK 4+ we´re using there. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  •  ...and the small keyboard is KORG Kontrol 49



  •  Paul,

    Many thanks for the keyboard information.

    Best regards,


  • To my ears, one of the least convincing demos I have ever heard from VSL. Sounds very synthetic INDEED.

    I would prefer LESS features that automate composing, and MORE features that simplify library management, template management, controllers, patch changing flexibility etc etc.

    It feels like all software development is headed towards the dumbing down of the user. Like the iPad. I cannot see any advantage with having chordal setups pre-programmed unless I am accompanying a singer on a cruise ship. Perhaps that's the audience now.

    Really not impressed at all. Sorry.

  • One of the least impressive demos I have heard from VSL. Very synthetic sounding. Very non-useful features.

    I would prefer greater flexibilty and refinements of the existing purpose of VSL. Better patch switching operations, easier template mangement, etc etc. And more resources devoted to better libraries (such as some REAL divisi recordings like LASS for example.)

    I really do NOT need chords played out for me, or orchestrations suggested to me. Even pre-programming my own would have no use whatsoever unless I was accompanying a singer in a restaurant on a cruise ship. Perhaps that's the new audience for VSL.

    Quite apart from that, it just sounds dreadful. Get real guys, have you forgotten what ortchetras sound like?


  • I agree 100%. Sounds like the organ at radio City in NYC. Hopfully VI Pro 2 will offer something other than this.

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    @Another User said:

    Better patch switching operations, easier template mangement, etc

    I agree! I was thinking the other day that it would be nice to switch the tuning scale across all instances, instead of having to do it to each VIP instance. I'd like time saving features for setting up or editing a template. I'd like ability to edit several things with one click, several instances, etc. I'd like most to be able to save time in editing out the performance. That doesn't mean I want a dumbed down, less flexible performance. I want as real as possible. I just want to have features that will take less time to get the same result (or an even better result!)

    So while I see your concern with the video, I think it's too early to say anything... and the free upgrade will have wonderful features I'll enjoy having. But I wouldn't be complaining. If they asked for money for the upgrade, and didn't have the features to merit it, that'd be another story. But for free... I aint complaining! [;)]


  • Hmm, all valid and balancing which is always a good thing. 

    Free? Well, lets not forget that the features are all dependant on owning VSL libraries in the first place. The software is a vehicle for those products. And part of my comment was actually that I am ready and willing to spend more, on library improvements.

    Of the more recent library developments I applaud the full choir, but we are seriously lacking proper divisi string recordings. And I have always wondered why VSL (and other libraries actaully) don't hire a second bunch of violinists to record a REAL second violin section. To me it is as important as recognizing the viola section. EQ just is not enough to create a convincing 2nd section. But beyond this, divisi WITHIN those sections too, is really needed. I think expectations from samples are still ahead (amongst the cognicenti at least) of what they can deliver acoustically at this time. By this I mean that the samples have still a way to go.

    I for one would be happy to shell out for a whole new violin library, starting from the ground up. Something perghaps between the sizes of Appasionata and Orchestral Strings. We don't (at least I don't ) really need all the FX re-done. What we need are:

    Easily switchable articulations (we have this, I just want it better, more of it, easier)

    A variety of portamenti, not just one slightly over done option

    Better programming of the above so that we don't get flashes of dissonance as samples crossfade

    Legatos that endlessly sustain

    Divisi (which can auto or not at users demand. Learn from LASS - it sounds pretty real, just unweildy to use)

    Switchability between monophony and polyphony (perhaps integrated into a real auto divisi?)

    Slightly more generous upper pitch range limits

    Greater number of round robin samples for repetitions (4 is simply not enough. And it should be a prime number like 7 so we don't get repeitions of samples in phase with the beat, obvious when you think about it)

    Legatos beyond the octave (and poratmenti too)

    Legato trills and tremolandi  (with full dynamic ranges)

    A real, actually different, 2nd Violin section with all the articulations of the 1st (including divisi)

    Some sweeter pianissimo registers accross all articulations. It's still very hard to emulate what a real string section can do when you can hear a pin drop in the studio

    What we do not desperately need: Surround recordings of sections, Multi microphone options, integrated reverb, harmonisation intelligence, millions of scale runs, crescendos (unless they auto timestretch, again think about VST 3.5 or midi clock or some way of controlloing their length in real time).

    I know I am asking a lot. But really, I think VSL should recognize that we composers can simply get bored of using the same string sounds and widen our options (I know I have). A fresh "from the ground up" spanking new String Seciton. I would pay a grand for it if it did all of the above. At least.