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  • VE Pro 5

    Not sure about VSL previous policies regarding new releases, but I have one question:
    Just in case Epic Orchestra is not offered with VE PRO 5, would VE Pro 4 be still available to be purchased online once VE Pro 5 is released?

    Jean Paul

  • Hello Jean Paul,

    The bonus library Epic Orchestra will of course also be included with Vienna Ensemble PRO 5.

    Existing users of Vienna Ensemble PRO (4) already have a copy of Epic Orchestra, and will not receive a second Epic Orchestra if they upgrade to Vienna Ensemble PRO 5, of course.



  • Thanks Stefan. Looking forward for the release of VE Pro 5

  • Any update on when ver5 will release and how much to upgrade?

  • Hi swpowe, 

    We are currently beta-testing and optimizing. We will release the software as soon as it is ready. All additional information will be available shortly before. 

    Thanks for your patience, 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Sorry for another VEP5 question, but I'm trying to configure my template. Will VEP5 have mono outs? 



  • Mono outputs are currently not planned but may appear as an update later on.

  • MAS Version?!?!?! pretty pleeeeaaseee??? ..Edit - I saw a post about a possible work around for the AU 16 midi limit.. is this indeed happening?!?! .. i'm excited :)

  • It definitely is happening. MAS support may also happen in an update, but can't make any promises at this point. Sorry.

  • For sound design and audio post I also need really mono outputs too . Is there a feature request part of this site ?

  • +1 for the feature request of mono outputs. 

  • After reading the SOS press release I see that there are workshops being given in the UK. I was wondering if registered users could be granted access to a screencast of one of these since I am sure they would be of benefit to many users? Very excited for VEP 5 and the Virtual FX rack!!! Amazing!

  • well - ain't that just the way - ha ha I just purchased VEP last I hear talk of an upgrade...ha ha...hum wonder if there's an amnesty...fingers crossed

  • Will VE PRO 5 fix the PLAY 3 slow-load problem?



  • Please make the red light on the monitor! That it was always seen if these two buttons is "ON"! If you forget about the buttons and close your project - all .. has died. :-) Soon I'll attach the red light on my forehead so as not to forget .. :-)



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    @dagmarpiano said:

    Will VE PRO 5 fix the PLAY 3 slow-load problem?



    Curious about this too - don't have VE Pro yet, but have been reading about a lot of problems on the sounds-online forums (with double-loading and slow loading EWQL libs, that is).

  • Dan, this is not a problem VE, its problem Play 3. So that Play loads quickly - two conditions must be: (very faster) drive for library (for example HS) - OCZ Revodrive the best!

    2.need to load project (VE instances with Play 3) before to load the project in the host. It means - first load the VE project, and only after this load the project Cubase (Logic, PT, etc.)

  • I have 2 x OCZ Vertex 3 drives (over 1000MB/s read speed!) and it's still as slow as hell (10 minutes to load 2GB of samples!). It's definitely a bug.

    2. Yes I know that, it's what I'm doing now. It's ok as a workaround but it's not very convenient when you have a lot of different projects with all different sounds needed. Much better if EW or VSL can fix it.

    Certainly though, I suspect it's more EW's problem since, well, I've certainly had more technical problems coming from that direction than VSL's, not wanting to be impolite to East West, who I'm sure work very hard, and don't see VE compatibility high on their priority list unfortunately.

  • For solve EW their problems with Play3, they need to connect to this problems guys from NI..:-) I hope they are sure that can solve these problems on their own.

    About slow load. This is due to the fact that the host sends to VE once a lot of signals about load. I think this bug VE, yes. Try to load the VE instance from the host in one - load is instantaneous... But if you just load the next level (second instance) - everything can all hang...

  • EW have said several times its VSL's problem and they are working with VSL to solve it.  I wonder if that's true.  I hate to stir the pot here, but it seems this is EW's answer to everything ... "It's not our problem, it's their's", "Nothing wrong with our product, must be your computer".  I wonder which product is responsible.

    Since I don't own VE Pro to test, does it happen with other vendor's libraries / players (ie. Kontakt, etc).  Double sample loading and extremely slow load times?

    Also, does it happen with PLAY 2.1.2 as well, or just PLAY 3?