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  • eLicenser problems - Again

    Once again, I started getting eLicenser problems when trying to launch VEPro Server (Mac - latest Snow Leopard). From past experience, I know that means it's time to download the latest eLicenser, install it, and run the maintenance - then download and install the latest versions of VSL applications.

    Things aren't quite right, though. The eLicenser maintenance application hangs up and gives me a "Application 'LCC2' has caused the following error: " warning. 

    And, when I open VEPro, I sometimes get an error saying that one or more licenses won't work with the current eLicenser version (which is the latest).

    I am really growing weary of eLicenser. Things can be fine one day, and then something apparently tims out and needs an update, and there's panic about whether you'll get things fixed or not. I've had some really close calls with deadlines.

    eLicenser makes it more difficult to sleep at night. 

  • Agreed - some kind of alternative (such as the one Native Instruments has) would be great. I'd even gladly pay an additional fee to save me the worries, especially when I go out of town with my laptop. On my last trip, I was too afraid to take my Vienna Suite elicenser key with me in fear that I would lose it or it would become damaged. Not sure if elicenser has some sort of backup like ilock does. If it did, then at least that would be something. But Iike I said - I'd gladly pay any additional amount for some kind of temporary backup (preferably only software related) as my livelihood depends on these little dongles working. Charge me an annual fee for peace of mind VSL, I'd pay it.

  • I'm also experiencing issues (out of the clear blue) with eLicenser...I've posted on this forum and also sent an email to support@

    I have to say that out of all the software that I deal with, eLicenser is extremely weak...extremely. I've had issues before but they seem to cure themselves with a bit of updating, rebooting and such...but this issue that I'm experiencing seems to be "dead in the water."

    For those of us who make our living doing this, it's a very non-productive way to operate. Sorry about the tone but I'm a bit frustrated at the moment. Native Instruments has a great system...wish VSL had the same model.

    Thanks for letting me vent.