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  • RAM Issue in Windows 64 Bit

    I believe I should be able to load more into a 64bit Windows 7 system with 24 GB Ram.

    What Windows Resource Monitor reports however (and I'm looking at processes from ALL users) is that I'm at 98% of all physical RAM when my sample load is just 10GB.

    Okay I haven't added up all the other processes - but it's pretty clear that they aren't going to add up to 12GB - not anywhere near.

    Before loading samples, the system is using about 2 GB of RAM.

    Now I've observed this on 2 different systems, using different software and instances. The really odd thing, is that if I close and then reload again, the system reports the same 10GB, but now only 49% of physical memory being used.

    e.g. VEP on a Slave - running single instance of this - with multiple Play 3 instances. Another, just using Cubase 6 and loading separate VST instances of Play 3.

    Looks to me that either Windows has a problem reporting RAM use - or some doubling behind the scenes is going on here - or there is some confusion with something somewhere.

    Before you blast me from this forum - might I suggest that this issue began to occur only after installing VEP on both machines? I can't be sure. But what is clear is that this is only an issue for Windows in the running of Play 3, or VEP, or Cubase.

    But how can Windows 7 possible report usage of RAM to be 98% when if you add up what Windows also reports as the individual RAM use of each process, it comes to half the value?

    So it is either a fully Microsoft problem (seems unlikely that us musicians are the only people who like to use a lot of RAM) - or it is something in the music software that is messing with the OS somehow.

    P6X58D-E - 3Ghz Quad Core - 24 gB RAM - Windows Professional 64-bit - VEP Pro - Play 3.0.21

    P8P67 Pro - 3.4 Ghz Quad Core - 16 gB Ram - Windows Professional 64-bit - Cubase 6.02 - Play 3.0.21

  • As soon as I read PLAY 3, I knew what the problem was. PLAY 3......!


  • Superfetch may be the issue. (Which is a Windows 7 Service that attempts to predict HDD usage and pre-loads stuff into your RAM). I've disabled it (against all learned advice on non-music based forums) - and low and behold the samples load faster and there is no mis-reporting of available RAM. So what if Windows may now load slower, if when it's up I can work.

  •  Hi!

    Are you actually having problems loading samples? Or is this just that Windows reports the as "used"?

    Vista brougth the "Superfetch" feature, and Windows 7 also makes (slightly less agressiv) use of it. Superfetch uses availiable memory to preload certain data that Windows interpets as being used reguarly. Then, if a certain program demands more ram, superfetch will released the cached memory.

    If you check the "Performance" tab under Task Manager you can see the "Total" amount of memory, the "Cached" amount and the "Availiable" amount of memory. I'm guessing that your RAM is all there, and proably availiable on demand too, its just WIndows doing its superfetch thing. So If you havent already, just try loading 20-22 gb of samples, as VE Pro needs the RAM, Windows will most likely release it.

    Hope this helps!

  • Yes problems are loading samples.

    In theory what you say is correct, Superfetch should behave like that. Play tells me I've run out of memory and can expect decreased performance. So I don't think the system is releasing RAM as it should.

    I'm still testing variations to see what behavior I get.

    Latest is that I'm unable to replicate the behavior using Cubase and Play alone - with Superfetch on or off.

    So it might be VEP with Play problem - there are mentions of such things in other threads. But if Cubase can use a VST plugin like Play okay, why not VEP?

  • I may have found the problem

    Avast AntiVirus

    I'd laugh if I had the energy.

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    @composermark said:

    I may have found the problem

    Avast AntiVirus

    I'd laugh if I had the energy.


     Ah yes, Anti virus is the worst thing for a DAW. Interesting that it would think PLAY was a virus though. [;)]

    Actually thinking about it, iLok can cause problems with anti virus software. Something about the way that the iLok drivers install, so it might just be that. Glad you've found the cure though.


  • I've been using microsoft security essentials and haven't had any least not that i've noticed.....