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  • Opus Out of Stock: New release on the way?

    Hi there,

    I was just about to buy the Opus collection but I just realized it is out of stock on the VSL website and some of the stores I usually go to don't sell it anymore either.

    Have you heard anything about a new product or version coming soon?
    I don't mind waiting for a few weeks if there'd be a Vienna Instrument Opus version for example.

    I'm not here to start a rumor thread but maybe some of you have read some press release I haven't seen.


  • that's quite interesting actually... I suppose there's some replacement in the pipeline?

  • The way I see it is :
    - either there's going to be an upgrade in the Horizon Series.
    - either they stop the series to make us buy one of the Vienna Instruments.

    That'd be nice to get some insights from the inside [:)]


  • Most likely most people interested in getting the full VSL VI extravaganza have already done so. Therefore a lighter and cheaper version would be a logical move. There are only so many people who can afford to put ten grand to a sample library.

  • Hopefully with an upgrade path.

  • They've already said there's not going to be an OPUS version of the new VI's.

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    @Banquo said:

    They've already said there's not going to be an OPUS version of the new VI's.

    As far as I know they have only said that there's not going to be a VI version any time soon, and that was some time ago. Have I missed something?

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    @mathis said:

    Hopefully with an upgrade path.


  • there is Musikmesse coming up in Frankfurt at end of march....

    was hoping for new stuff... right in my backyard.. looks like I am getting lucky..

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  • I notice that Glass and Stones and Solo Strings have also vanished from the image on the Horizon series product page.

    No doubt this is related to the pending appearance of VI Special Edition, mentioned elsewhere on the forums, which does indeed look like an Opus for VI.