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  • VI Slave help!

    Hello All,

    I've given in, and I'm building another slave. I need to do this *tomorrow* or my mind will be lost to endless babbling, drooling, sitting in the corner in my own filth, muttering in Latin (which I can't speak), etc.

    So, I would really appreciate any and all quick suggestions for what hardware to buy, without breaking the bank. I'd like to keep this thing under $1000 US. I want to go ASUS with the mobo, because they generally seem good and solid. I'm fine with drives as well. The big questions for me are:

    1) core 2 duo, or just a reasonably speedy P4 -- this is basically asking how multi-core aware are the VIs, and will a dual-core processor matter on a slave machine running *nothing* but VIs?

    2) RAM speeds. Do I need a mobo with 667+ RAM or can I save a few $$$ and bump it down to 533? (This, of course, impacts on processor choice as well.)

    so... I suppose I'm mostly asking for suggestions on CPU and mobo.

    Please pop up your recommendations and experiences. As I say, I'm doing this tomorrow afternoon (UK time), and I'd like to make as informed a decision as possible. I'll be installing 4 GB RAM, btw, and applying the 3 GB switch and just going with xp pro for now.

    thanks in advance,


  • You should be able to get a P4 or D9xx for very little, and it should perform just fine for a slave machine. I expect you could get a board/chip combo for less than $250 U.S. that will clock over 3GHz. If it isn't too big a cost difference, faster memory is always better than slower.

    BTW - since the new chips arrived, we can buy the old P4 machines off the shelf, configured like this, for about $500 or less.

  • Yes, thanks Peregrine. I was hoping this would be the case. I have an old P4 2.8 that actually does fine as a slave, so I figured I could go with an older model. Thanks for the input.


  • PM sent.


  • Hej J
    I'm building a slave right now - here's what I went for
    (and some comments)

    Gigabyte GA-945GM-S2 Mobo
    ( Has 4 DDRII slots, VGA and is cheap - And Gigabyte is as good as Asus )

    Core2Duo E6300 CPU
    ( More power-lower consumption than P4 = less heat = less noise )

    4 Gb Ram : GeIL 2GB ULTRA kit / DDR2-5300

    ( Looks like a great little cube with more space than usual cubes )

    HD's: Seagate is my favorite ( Here I'm using my old ones )
    1 System disk
    2 Datadisks