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  • Can`find certain files

    I´m a Mac OSX 10.4.8 Logic Pro -User and after I´ve installed Vienna Instruments I (Standardversion)
    always when I double-click on the Orchestra Strings VSL Preset I get the Error-note
    "Cannot find/Basses orchestr wav/wav/.....".
    I`ve checked the Vienna Instr. Dir. Manager,where all the paths are correctly listed.
    I´ve reinstalled everything,rebooted and got the same problem again.
    What should I do ?

    Best Regards from Stefan

  • Dear Westerbergmusic,

    the preset/matrix or patch found in folder No. 20/Strings orchestra can only be loaded when you have not only Ochestral Strings I (Violins and Violas), but also Orchestral Strings II (Celli and Bassi) installed.

    Kind regards,