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  • Cubase 4, Logic Pro 7.2, VI discussion

    Anyone who wants to discuss the pros and cons of Logic or Cubase 4 specifically using VI - chime in here.

    I was a long time Cubase user until I changed to logic so I could use EXS24 for the Pro Edition, but EXS 24 is basically redundant now (at least for my purposes) if you own VI. I upgraded my old SX1 to Cubase 4, seems like a great system and I'm remembering lots of old ways of working. I found the "forced" change to Logic at the time, very frustrating and difficult.

    Although Logic still presents some usability issues for me, unlike 7.0 and 7.1, 7.2 is now very stable and very efficient even at low latency. On the other hand Cubase is a much nicer layer system and in 32 bit mode, personally I notice a much better sound quality even on single instruments, however, I can only run about 1/4 as many VI's as I can in Logic, sometimes less before I get audio glitches from lack of resources.

    I always preferred Cubase midi and the Cubase layout and way of working.

    Also does anybody have any experience on using Cubase system link with VI? Is it possible to set up a low latency system like this?

    For now I've found that unless I upgrade my hardware massively, even though I prefer Cubase, Logic seems to be the more efficient platform for virtual instruments by far - unless I'm doing something wrong. (both were set to 256 buffer). I don't like playing with latency delays beyond a normal "hardware keyboard" you would play if that makes sense - 8 - 12ms in other words (the lower the better). Especially with faster parts, I am not the virtuoso some of the other keyboardists here are - and I need to get the aural feedback straight away to keep my performance in time.

    Also, I wonder if it is possible if somebody has both platforms like me - if I had 8Gb of ram could I run Cubase and Logic at the same time, and have two Vienna Instruments servers running - and sync one host to the other, so do all my midi in Cubase, with instruments, and the other half or so of instruments running in Logic - is that possible on say, a Mac Pro?

    Cubase has changed a lot since I last used it some years ago - I also wonder if anybody on the forum would care to lend their particular way of working with VI in Cubase or any quick tips for routing that is useful.