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  • Apassionata Strings demo?

    Would be helpful to listen to some demos of the AS to decide to buy them... Demos of each group of course...

  • i am totally agree with you ...and they is soo long time we are waiting expressive string, we want to hear ! [:D]

  • VSL and crew know how REALLY important the first 5 seconds of the first AP demo is to this new library's success. We will not see it a second earlier than when the demo is PERFECT. This library - given the nature of how picky we all are of ANY string library -- will be under the magnifying glass (sorry for the increased pressure Herb and Dietz - but you already knew all this )[[;)]]


  • Well I expect those strings to sound less "nosey". With the celli and the violas, there is the problem that they sound too heavy in the upper mid spectrum. It is not a question of EQ it is a question of the natural sound (resonance etc...) of the instruments themselves - or even the mic setup at the recording.

    Working with real strings is showing me the very difference in sounds and warmth. VSL was always NOT sounding alive enough. A view years ago, I would have been the one to reject this since I was so much convinzed about the by then great sound of the strings of VSL. But today I often get even better results compared to the real strings with EWQL - sorry to say that Herb.

    I must say: I am very surprised that they only offer real big sections as a solution for warmth?

    But VSL hopefully has learned from those points of view and created those new sounds - hopefully. Since VSL is such a great thing to work with they have to come to this point of "real sound and liveness" AND playability....

    Hope you see what I mean...