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  • Vienna Instruments not working

    Christian et all

    I was working on a project earlier today and was changing the VI instance I wanted to work on. When I tried to open this up, the area of the VI window that shows the patches was blank. I saved the file and after this operation my system stopped responding and the the beachball came up. I forced quit out of Logic after this.

    When I tried to open the file again it would not load and logic would not respond. I tried opening the VI on a new logic file and this worked. I then tried to open the file I had been working before it crashed and had no joy in trying to open the file I was working on. I tried repeating opening the VI in a new logic song but this failed to open as well. I have tried the VI in stand alone mode and this works.

    I think I may have loaded too many samples in the project and this is why the VI's crashed initially.

    My system is as follows:

    Mac G5 Quad
    2 x 400GB Seagate HD's
    1 x 500GB Glyph external HD
    Logic 7.2.3
    Motu 828 mkII

    My VI's are spread over one of the internal HD's and the external HD.

    I check to see if there was any problem with my licences and they seem to be ok.

    Can any one suggest a way to fix this problem.



  • Christian et all

    The VI instance that was the start of the problem contained the Vienna Horn. I have unloaded all the Horn folders out of the directory nanager and then tried starting using VI in a new logic song. The VI opened. I then loaded back all the French horns folders back into the directory manager and then opened a new logic song and the VI opened.

    I then tried to open the file that crashed and it would not open. This file is probably corrupted in some way.

    Any ideas on how I might be able to continue working on this file, otherwise I will have lost about two months work. (The logic backup file does not open either).



  • mirabile, the licenses on your key look fine (as far as related to their active status) ... because you mentioned *the patch window was empty*: have you already tried to remove and re-assign the location of sample data in the directory manager?
    preferred method would be drag&drop and i'd recommend a reboot after doing so.
    make sure your energy saving settings don't have *allow disks to sleep* checked.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • ok, so our postings crossed ... regarding logic *emergency* tips you can find someone more competent - tried to import the song?

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Christian

    Thanks for your reply. I have unloaded all the the VI sounds out of the directory and opened up a logic song and the VI successfully. (Also loaded them back to the directory and no problems opening the VI's) I tried this with the file that crashed yesterday and the black and white beachball appears very soon after I try and load the file. I do not get a message that the licences are being scanned as when i opened VI's with other logic songs. Is there any way around this problem?



  • Hi Mirabile,

    I sent you a PM. Do you have only one backup of your Logic file? Or are there previous versions that you can still open?


    M a y a

  • Hey Mirabile,

    I was able to repair your Logicsong and could open it again. It contained 22 Altiverb and 17 (or so) Vienna Instruments instances. I assume that was simply too much for a Quad. I´ll send you the files via e-mail.

    Please let me know if it works on your machine too.



  • Maya

    Thank you very much for fixing the problem. I will try your solution later today when I get back to my own computer. I let you know by personal email the results.