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  • Chamber Strings manual update


    there's a new version of the Chamber Strings mapping documentation on line. The main reason for the update was more extensive Patch velocity level information, and there's also some minor corrections.

    Have fun!
    David Ender
    VSL manuals

  • Thanks, Dave.

    Can't tell you how much I appreciate this!!


  • Where can I find this?


    Don't know if this link works because you'll need your username and password to access it.

    I had some trouble downloading the PDF-- it kept coming up as 214.vsl.html. Even control-clicking didn't help-- then it said my password was invalid. Clicking on the PDF icon redirects the user to another info page---

    I hope the VSL team can look into some of the site glitches, but I know they are busy with post NAMM business.