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  • Saint-Saens Piano Concerto

    Beat Kaufmann sent us a new, spectacular version of
    Saint Saens Piano Concero II, 3rd mov.
    This time exclusively produced with Vienna Instruments and the Bosendorfer Imperial.
    Beat also supported us with his informativ tutorial files.

    thanks a lot Beat!

  • Now that's a lot of notes!!! [:P]

    Well done, Beat.

  • That is SPECTACULAR !!!! [[[[:|]]]] [[[[:|]]]] [[[[:|]]]]
    You would never guess that Beat only took up learning the piano 2 months ago.

  • the Bosen sound just perfect for and snappy..!
    great brass..beefy and juicy ! hum...

    wow !

    Mephisto [6]

  • Exciting performance! The orchestral backing also sounds very good especially the brass.

    Listening to it, I mused what a thrill it must be for a "live" pianist to play this masterpiece. I am envious of the skill required to make such music in real time but thankful that VSL has invented tools to help me overcome some of my limitations. [:)]


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    @JBacal said:

    what a thrill ...

    Hello to all
    Thanks a lot for all the positiv feedbacks.

    Jay, you sum it up. The trills are the point in this piece.[:O]ops:

    I played them "live", I played them step by step, I played them as 32th, as 64th, as triplet, I treat them with the mouse... no chance to drill the trill, to get a real feeling. [:'(] And then: Some bad trills = one evening >> [8o|]
    What happy people we are as string players. We got real sampled trills [:D] [:D]

    Happy trills from Switzerland


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • I'm confused...What are we talking about? Trills or Thrill?