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  • Discount calculator

    I would like to upgrade to the vienna instruments cube from the pro cube. However, the discount calculator is down and Illio doesn't know what to charge me? Is there any incentives to buy besides the 10% increase comming in Feb. PLEASE?
    Torched by the dollar ,
    Stephen W. Beatty [8o|]

  • Hi Stephen,

    sorry that our Calculator is being revised at the moment.
    But Ilio should be able to give you your individual discount informations.
    I think the problem is, that everybody is busy at NAMM at the moment.

    So I've checked in the meantime your discounts:

    The Full price of the Symphonic Cube is 10,990 $
    You would get a discount of 5,105 $.

    Your price of the Symphonic Cube would be 5,885 $

    If you are logged in on our PRODUCT page and select the Symphonic Cube page (at the Vienna Instruments I menu) you should also be able to see your discounted price in the "Your Price" columne.


  • Thanks Herb for your reply,
    I ordered the cube for $5,885 and the saxaphones for $685 for a total of $6,570. I am assuming this is correct.