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  • An idea

    With a loaded Vienna instrument it is possible to unload samples not used within a patch/articulation.

    Now: If I play or change a melody I will have to load the instrument that is missing in samples - right.
    So this option would be great: Jsut go ahead and play the new line. The VI REC option recognizes the missing samples (not heared while playing of course but stated in MIDI) and: LOADS those samples.

    Advantage: Huge projects can be handled very effectively. Because when you are up to the limit of a system it is possible that you cannot load the whole articulation again, but perhaps only some new samples within - see?

    What do you think about that? Or is it already implemented?

  • Hi Matt

    I suggested this ages ago but was told it wasn't possible - I don't see why though ,seems fairly simple to implement to my simple mind.



  • I for one would LOVE a feature like this!!!!!!


  • (Never tested but) one of the actual REC button is when you reach your computer limits. What we can do when you have 100 meg free RAM and you need to reload all the sampler for 2-3 notes ?

    So, it could be a good option