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  • VI - Automatable Parameters

    For some time I have been considering purchasing a Novation SL controller ... today they have announced a new version of their Automap feature which they profess will map and display the names of all parameters of ANY vsti plug-in, be they instrumentts, effects or other ... in ANY host.

    This is something that I would really like to use with my VI.

    But, and its a big but ...

    when I examine the automatable parameters that VI exposes to the sequencer host, I can only find two .. a "dry level and a "wet level".

    I compared this with numberous other plug-ins I have.

    - most effects plug-ins expose dozens of parameters, all logically named
    - Gigastudio GVI, exposes only 2
    - Kontakt exposes dozens and dozens, but they are not named logically (as do their kontakt powered instruments)
    - BFD exposes every parameter, logically named

    why does the VI not expose its automatable parameters ?
    is it impossible, or just a development priority ?

    perhaps christian would be kind enough to shed some light.

  • Hi Drew,

    since all VI controllers are MIDI assignable, you can view and change them in the MIDI track associated with the VI in question. And if you prefer a certain setup, you can save the configuration in templates (sequencer and VI Preset). Alas, you don't get logically named controller tracks that way - but if the setup stays the same, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    Kind regards,
    VSL manuals

  • David is right. And I'd like to add that the automation of VST-parameters is _not_ the same as working with MIDI-controllers.

    While the former are seemingly more easy to handle inside a VST-savvy host, it is much harder to control them in real-time and from any external hardware (... which is what MIDI was invented for, 25 years ago ...).

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • All VI controllers are MIDI assignable? Is that also the case for each articulation's controllers?


  • Yes, I was beginning to suspect that I didn't understand the difference between midi controllers and VST automation.

    I was aware however that I could assign controls to any midi CC.

    However, the blurb of the new enhanced automap feature makes compelling reading.

    "Automap Universal takes on where the original Automap left off, allowing users to instantly control absolutely any automatable plug-in, in any sequencer, automatically without ever having to refer to a manual or worry about complex MIDI data and assigning. Parameters can be ‘learned’ and saved at the touch of a button.

    Finally, MIDI control Nirvana has been reached; every detail of a session can be automatically mapped or learned quickly, with a minimum of fuss. With no more technical headaches to slow things down, creativity can finally flow freely; computer-based music making just got a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. "

    So .... I guess I am still inquistive to know whether VSL might consider making their parameters VST automatable too ... are these two techniques mutually exclusive ?