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  • I have a question about usb key demo mode.

    I sorry to write this subject in this forum, but I wirtten same thing to and he say ANYTHING (In other words, no answer).
    He didn't answer when I sent e-mail about buy O-guitar and tutorial video.
    I persuaded you change your support charge more kind/keenness man.


    Hi. I'm Symphonic cube pre-order buyer from south korea.

    I misunderstanded that usb key demo mode 2 (30day/30start).

    I comprehended that demo mode 2 is auto apply when spend 180 start (demo mode 1)

    but, demo mode 2 activated when library registration on VSL web site, right?

    This is my mistake because my poor english, but I need to ask a favor of you.

    Please, give me demo mode 2 activation.

    I graduate from a university this spring, I have no time to use symphonic cube during school term.

    therefore, I had only check all VI disc, registration and put in VI box & never use and I wait to graduation for use VI.

    But, I spend 180 start only 3 day...install date is 09/01/2007 & expiration date is 12/01/2007.(I have 3 key, but I use 2 computer)

    If you can possible to check my demo mode 1 expiration date in syncrosoft site or your own way, keep a check on my keys, my veracity is unquestioned

    Of course, I'm registrated VI user, user ID :

    If you need more information, say to me.

    I hope you good answer. and I believe you make world best product.

    And sorry about my poor English. thank

  • Chang-ryool Lee, my apologies - usually our support replies within 24 hours, possibly your message has not reched our desk ...

    since you have the complete symphonic cube it doesn't take me wonder you ran out of the 180 demo starts very quickly and you should have just received an email with codes for your demomode#2 datelicenses


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thank you Christian Marin! [:D]

    I get satisfaction from you service!

    And I expect that you persevere in your efforts.

    I Look for your next product.