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  • FX-Teleport 2 for Mac coming....

    Don't know if this is of any interest to anyone but I have been in touch with Andy at (FX-Teleport) and he is telling me that FX2 (the Mac Version) will be available at the end of March beginning of April.

    Here is what he wrote:
    Hi Rob,

    We’re close, but I am afraid we won’t be able to deliver it earlier than late March – early April… Maybe a bit earlier, maybe a bit later… You got the idea… We are working on a brand new version which will incorporate some really innovative ideas, therefore a huge delay (we originally planned to release it long time ago). Of course, we’d love to have you as our customer if you can wait by that time, but if you can’t…

    All the best,


    Being a multi MacMini user this is great news...especially since I was considering the Friendchip DMX16. The difference is $2300.00 US for the DMX16 or somewhere between $250 to $300 US for my 7 Macs using FX2.

    Anyway, hope this info helps!

  • I would love to know what the new features are. My top two are:

    1) Leave samples loaded at remote machines (I currently use a clunky workaround).
    2) 64bit support.

    The last of these would mean that instead of adding more machines I could effectively have a sample machine that deals with all of my libraries. This would mean that it would be possible to transport my studio to sessions, and not have to take audio files and hope for the best.


  • Great news!

    Just 2-3 months to go... can't wait!


  • Don't get excited too soon. FXT was supposed to be released almost 6 months ago, and the Mac version has been promised for years.


  • Oh Ye of Little Faith [:D]

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    @rpmusic said:

    Oh Ye of Little Faith [:D]

    I just don't like to see disappointed people. I only get excited about a product when it exists, i.e. when I can actually purchase and use it.


    I have almost the EXACT same email word-for-word dated last Jan. from Max. And they've been promising the mac version for over 2years now. I'm certainly hoping they release it, but I've learned not to put too much weight into their promises.