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  • Who has the answer? My second attempt on this forum !

    Someone must know the answer ? well I do hope so, I´ve had the String library for almost half a year now and have never used them in one single production, having listened to all the demos and read all the reviews I thought they would be the answer to my prayers but unfortunately that was not to be.
    It seems almost an impossibility to make a good legato without a pumping effect ? every note has a little crescendo ? I actually purchsed this library for a CD production which is now complete but I couldn´t do it with VSL, why is that ? what am I doing wrong?
    I have other libraries and with those samples I don´t have the same problem at all, so please somebody tell me, where am I going wrong?
    The library was too expensive just to put to one side forever, right now I couldn´t really recommend it to anyone, if it´s my fault then somebody please tell me what I should do, I have posted this here before but I only got a response from Beat, other members must have tips surely? Any tips would be greatefully received thankyou. [*-)]

  • Please post an example of the problem you're having. And which version of the strings do you have?

    If it's the original one and you don't have the Performance Legato, try using long notes on the first bow and 0sus on subsequent ones.

  • Hi Nick, thankyou for your quick reply, I have the Orchestral strings I & II with the Vienna Instument. I´ll have a go with the preformance lagato and see how that works out. Chris [:)]