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  • Master Keyboard Controller


    I currently own the Yamaha P-120S Digital piano and CME 61 keys master controller to do all my MIDI orchestrations etc and piano sound on the go.

    However, shortly I would like to think of the possibility of changing my keyboard set up.

    I wish to combine the two elements into one and I am on a very very tight budget. I need a digital piano that is also a Master keyboard - if there are any good slightly cheap ones.

    I have Ivory and now that it comes in stand alone mode - its easier to have the piano sound on the go but I would sitll prefer to have it on my keyboard for composing.

    Problem is - I dont have a pitch bend and mod wheel on my digital piano - hence the need for one that has MIDI programming abilities and pitch bend, after touch and mod wheel.

    How can I solve this problem? I probably could get around £500 by selling both my digital piano and CME 61 in total.

    What are the best options?



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