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  • "Inspector Mom" Theme

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    This is the theme and mx-in-progress for a series on the Lifetime network I write for called Inspector Mom.

    This is only my second outing using samples for actual production work, but I think I'm getting closer. Musically, it's all kinds of 80's campy goodness, but the mix needs work - I found it was more "television" sounding when I dried it up; I just think I went a touch too far. Especially the wood's. Anyway, I'm rapidly approaching losing my ears for it entirely, so I thought you guys might have a suggestion or two, hearing it fresh.

    Inspector Mom Theme



    Music (C)2007 Lifetime Movie Network

  • Well, that's just downright fun!

  • Nice piece and orchestration. On my headphones it sounds on the dry side, but on tv speakers it might be perfect.


  • it's kinda sad you have to use samples but the piece still rocks. I really have no suggestions just compliments. good work.

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