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  • routing and reverb for orchestra in Nuendo

    For my reverb, I use 2 instances of Altiverb, with different mic positions for the impulses to create a "near" and "far" reverb to place my instruments. I have the individual instrument tracks sent to altiverb as sends in Nuendo. I also have these groups of instruments bussed to group channels to allow me to control their relative level in the mix, ie: one fader for brass, strings, etc. The problem is, with have the instruments sent to Altiverb as send effects, when I control the level of the group channel for the group of instruments, it doesn't control the level of the reverb at the same time.

    I know of a way that I could have this work if I had a seperate reverb for each group of instruments, because I could just bus the output of the Altiverb to the same group channel as the dry instrument tracks. I can't however, have like 4 or 5 instances of Altiverb. I can pretty much only have two, with a reverb tail, before I get clicks and pops all over the place.

    Any ideas?

  • The standard way to do this is to link the single faders, rather than to control the overall volume of several instrument on bealf of the Group-fader.

    In Nuendo-lingo, this feature is called "Group Tracks", although the rest of the world would say "Linking". You link several tracks by selecting them all and press Control+G (on a PC) by default.

    This way, you can change the level of the linked channels without affecting the relative volume between them. The downside of this concept is that it is hard to make individual changes within the group after this, or to write individual automation data.

    You can overcome this restriction with a slightly more challenging setup:

    - Like you did before, keep the individual tracks routed to the Group.

    - Use the individual AUX-sends of each track to send a signal to one of you two AltiVerbs. BUT:

    - For each Group, you create a second group. The individual AUX-sends go into this Group _before_ the signal actually reaches AltiVerb.

    - Link the fader of the two Groups.

    This way you keep the option to have individual AUX-sends, while still changing the levels of the reverb accordingly to the dry signals.

    A quick sketch [URL=]here[/URL].


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library