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  • New John Williams and Samuel Barber demos online

    Kevin Kliesch sent us a version of John Williams
    "Somewhere in my memory" of the movie "Home Alone"
    Special guests in this mock is the EastWest/QuantumLeap Symphonic Choir.

    Jay Bacal is featuring our Woodwinds I collection with Samuel Barbers "Summer Music for Wind Quintett"

    thanks a lot Kevin and Jay!

  • Jay,
    Great job on the Barber quintett. I love this piece and know it quite well, from a listener's standpoint, at least. Really nice.

    Great movement and emotion (and realism) in 'Somewhere in Memory". Were the appasionata strings used?


  • Wow, Kevin!! The John Williams sounds fantastic!

    What did you use for the strings especially at the beginning. They are very pleasing. I'd also love to hear how you mixed this. Anything you can say about EQ and reverb (which IR, wet dry ratios) would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hey Jay,
    Again great ...for chamber music you are the best and your mix also..To put the instrument "en arrière" with the right distance without to put much reverb.
    But one shadow : No more tutorial? It's so great to have you share material!
    Best regards

  • I just sent an email to Herb about the tutorial. I think this was just an oversight. I sent him the midi file and VI presets. Check back later for the link.


  • WOW! You guys are good!

  • Once again, brilliant job. It's always a joy to hear these great demos. What I love about the mixes is that they have just the right balance between warmth and sparkle-- the spatial concept is truly wonderful.

    Barber and Williams? Two of my heroes. Thanks again, gents!

    You guys *are* good! [:P]

  • Thanks for the compliments guys. It was a great piece to work on - I actually had it done before the holidays, but unfortunately it didn't make it on to the VSL website until after the new year.

    Jay, as for the mix, I used the appassionata violins in the beginning and also about 2/3 of the way through, when the melody is restated. I added no EQ at all to the mix - everything is "out of the box." As for verb, I used a bunch of Altiverb instances - I pretty much followed the tutorial setup on Audio Ease's web site ( I think it wound up being about 10 early reflection instances plus a final tail instance to ease the burden on the CPU. The wet/dry ratio on the tail was approximately 40/60 (it got way too muddy if I went past this ratio).

    What I think really added to the realism of this mockup is that I imported the original song from the "Home Alone" CD into Digital Performer and tempo-mapped the whole piece. I then fine-tuned the tempos to make it not sound so "tap-tempoey."

    For every instrument, I made use of the velocity crossfade feature in the VI, which is absolutely fantastic because with the previous pro edition, I would have had to load in multiple instances of an instrument (p, mf, and f) and crossfade between them with multiple MIDI tracks to achieve something as simple as a believable crescendo.

    I sequenced the whole piece on one G5 2.5 with 4.5 gigs of RAM. I chose to sequence each instrument from beginning to end, as this allowed me to make use of the "learn and optimize" feature of the VI, which freed up memory for the next instrument in the family. After one whole instrument family was finished, I froze it as audio and then moved on to the next family.

    And finally, I think I spent more time on the choir programming than the actual instruments, which just goes to show you that the Symphonic Cube is absolutely amazing right out of the box.

  • Thanks for the mixing info, Kevin. Can you say which Altiverb IR you specifically used for the early reflections and which IR for the tail?

    Thanks again,

  • By the way, Kevin Kleisch also previously did an extremely beautiful demo, probably my favorite on the VSL site - Amy's Theme. I always wanted to ask him who is Amy.

  • William - Thank you so much. Amy is my wife.

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    @Kevin Kliesch said:

    ...What I think really added to the realism of this mockup is that I imported the original song from the "Home Alone" CD into Digital Performer and tempo-mapped the whole piece. I then fine-tuned the tempos to make it not sound so "tap-tempoey."


    Dude-- working from a reference track is something I swear by. It really orients the ear to a sonic "home base". It's so easy to lose a sense of objectivity. I really enjoyed the imaging and placement you achieved.

    And keep on writing tunes for your wife--- you'll stay married a LONG time!! [[;)]]

  • Where did you get the score for the Home Alone piece?


  • I can't find the score anywhere for sale that comes without the parts, but I picked up a copy years ago for about $60.

  • great job Jay !

    it sound so natural..i just love the articulation..very musical...and the mix sound like
    a classic label recording..Bravo !