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  • Solo String Glisses: Anyway to speed them up?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm wondering if there is anyway to speed up the solo string octave glisses included with the horizon strings. The violin octave gliss seems to be recorded at quarter = 107-110bpm, and takes and entire bar to slide the octave. Is there anyway to half this time, or even quarter it, for more uses? Does the VI solo strings have a way around this limitation, or is my only hope copying the samples and time compressing them myself?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

  • The fastest gliss I can recall is the performance gliss. (but I don't use Horizon)

  • I always used the performance gliss and just played a legato run -- usually consecutive minor 3rds would work pretty well. It's not as smooth as the actual octave gliss samples, of course, but it works pretty well, as long as the part isn't too exposed.


  • Thanks for the help guys! The performance gliss/chromatic scale will work for this project, but once its done I'm going to experiment turning the glisses into apple loops and see if that works.

    I'll update you guys if there is any interest, but I wont be able to try until sometime in mid-Feb.