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  • VI & Sibelius

    I want to use a keyswitch in sibelius to turn the velocity cross fader on and off. How do I assign a keyswitch in VI.

    I have tried "learn" and then clicking a key on the VI keyboard but when I play that note in Sibelius velocity xfade is not switched on.

  • Don't forget that the "learn" will only apply to one track. You have to set it up individually for all tracks.

    I have set up an empty template, that I use for all instances of VI, that has all the keyswitches set up, so that I don't have to do this for every MIDI track in every piece that I work on.


  • There is only one "track" and one VI. It's an exercise score so I can practice using the VI with SIB.

    What is the midi data I have to imbed in the SIB score to switch on the velocity xfade in the VI.

    I can imbed the data to controll the slider (an edited dim/cresc plugin with the controller changed to C12 and the VI vxfader controller set to C12) and I want the on off button to be controlled by a keyswitch but can't work out how to do this.

    What's annoying is that I did get all this to work some time ago but now can't.

    Put simply how do I get sibelius to switch the vxfader on and off?


  • OK, I've now read your post properly. [:O]ops:

    Keyswitching doesn't work; you have to use a controller. I always thought that this was rather stupid, as a keyswitch is perfect for anything with an on/off function. This also means that when you start at a different place in the score the on/off is often incorrect. Maybe this has been corrected in the latest update; I don't know.


  • Thanks DG. That is clumsy. It should be a keyswitch.