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  • Best Mac AU host ?

    Dears all,
    i am going to use a second g5 just running Virtual Instruments ( including some VI
    instances ).
    I like to know what actually is the best host on Mac plataform.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Don't know if it's the best but RAX seems quite a common host for MAC.

  • I really can't praise Plogue's Bidule enough, it really is awesome and easy to use when you just get into the logic of setting it up (not hard at all). And best of all, it's extremely stable. It can also addres multiple outputs, which Rax can't, and might be an issue if you are serious about how you go about mixing ur stuff. If you are going to run different virtual instrumentsm I would reccomend PB over RAX.

  • Plogue is the best. RAX is only stereo out...


  • ...seems rax more easy. But i like to know what are You using and work fine without problems. Thanks.

  • Plogue is hands down the best host. It's incredibly versatile, very stable, and you are really only limited by your imagination on how to configure your setup. And if you use all VST plugs, you will always be able to port your templates/sessions between mac and pc.

  • Yes, the deeper I get into Bidule (Plogue), the more I appreciate it. It's really a brilliant piece of software. And from my, rather brief, tests, RAX is considerably less efficient. I fing Bidule to be pretty much as efficient a VI host on my machine as is possible.