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  • Computer set up possibilities for Vienna Instrument/Opus 1&a

    Hi to the forum,

    My computer technician is building me a new PC - one of the main reasons is that I want a faster cpu for my VI, and my Opus Bundle.

    I do have a choice between 2 motherboards he is going to base it on.

    The first one is a Core 2 duo, but the motherboard can only take two 1 gig ram sticks. This is the fastest processor.

    The other choice is a Dual Core, but I have 4 slots that I can put in four 1 gig of ram sticks.

    Which would be the better choice? I would like to run as many possible instruments as possible, and I've read the Pc tests, and it seems that the computers are fine with 2 gigs of ram only, yet I am thinking that 4 would be better, even though the dual core is not as fast as the core 2 duo.

    Could anyone please give me some advice on this?

    That would be great if someone could give me any ideas here.

    best regards,

    Steve Martin.

  • confused ... core 2 duo boards are rather capable of holding 8 GB RAM (4 x 2 GB DDR2) whereas core duo boards are usually holding only 4 GB ... this is basically always depending on the chipset. i would in no case choose a board limited to 2 GB

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks for the reply Christian,

    I'm going to check with the pc technician who is going to build it for me, and see what more info he gave me now.

    thanks again,

    Steve [:D]

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    this asus-board is my favourite currently (i like the option to use non-ECC RAM, though i had to check out in detail if it would run really stable with 8 GB non-ECC)
    because it seems asus has some quality-issues lately (noticed a few with the cheap vintage-series) i'm tending to consider intel boards in the future.

    disclaimer: this represents my personal view and is not an official recommendation from VSL

    ps: if money is no object i'd choose a macPro (intel board) and run XP on it - these are well-balanced machines

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Your pc technician should easily find a core 2 duo motherboard with 4 ram slots.

    As a DAW builder, I only use Intel motherboard. I saw too many bugs in the asus bios, and really hate the "automatic overclocking feature" enable by default.

    Christian, I'm not sure Apple is using Intel motherboard, It seems they're using custom motherboard made by Foxconn.

  • thx for pointing to Foxconn - i must have confused some information (which source i can't remember any more), Foxconn is supplier _for_ intel, possibly that's the reason why the boards are so similar ...

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thank you Stephane, and Christian for your help and advice. I still have not been able to talke to my pc builder as yet, but I will talk to him in the light of what has been explained here.

    Thanks again,

    Steve [:D]

  • I have just spoken with my computer technician, and he informed me that I can get another kit that will have more slots for ram, but that it would have to be a different kit, and one that would be more expensive.
    So, at the moment, I am not in a position to choose, as it would cost more money, that at this present moment, I just cannot afford.
    So, the choice will be still between the motherboard with the faster cpu - but only has two slots for 2 gig of ram sticks [the core 2 Duo one], or the slower one [the Dual core], which has 4 slots that I can put the four 1 gig ram sticks in. I should point out that even the Dual core one is a lot faster than my present pc, so either one of these would be a big improvement over my present pc.
    So, Christian, I believe from what you said in your first reply to my post, that the 4 gig motherboard would be the better choice, so that's the one I have decided to go for.
    thanks again for your advice Christian, and Stephane!

    Steve [:D]