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  • VSL Podcast - Show 29

    New for this year we have how number 29, I talk about how I missed doing a xmas episode cvos I was to busy pratting around with Altiverb. Sorry boys but I had a lot of fun .. and learned a hell of a lot.

    I show my current test mix state, and talk about some of the new pieces of music gear I recently acquired. Although I have made bigger breakthroughs with mixing just today I will next week, hopefully, be presenting a final mixdown of one of my songs using Altiverb .. and I'll give a tech topic on how it was done. (So you should be able to reproduce the same effect). Though I'm aware that not everyone has Altiverb so I will also try and to a Space Designer version of the same kind of mix. More on that later.. the point is .. I'm gooing to be doing a mixing tech topic.

    With the results I'm getting out of Altiverb lately .. I feel confident that I can impart some useful ideas.

    Rob Van Der Berg donates some of his great music for this episode as well as Beat Kaufmann and Chris Unterberger .. both with some nice xmasy type pieces.

    Hope you enjoy.