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  • VI request...

    Hi - I was pretty suprised today when setting up a "super" instrument that the perform page is linked to the entire VI console, rather than matrix? This means if I set filter settings for one matirix, or velocity crossfade that it remains that way for the entire VI instance. It would be really nice that switching matrix would also switch perform page - is that practically possible?

    Secondly - I can't remember if I have mentioned this before, but it would be really nice with a slider that works opposite of "attack"... That I can define a patch to play only for a second in spite of holding own the key for 2 seconds. What is that good for? It makes it possible to take the attack from one sample, but use the body of another. Really nice for putting legato transitions into detaches - ending up as a 3rd patch which is kind of a mizture of the two.

    I would love that.

  • Isn't the current ADSR envelope capable of doing this anyway? Just specify a longer Decay and pull the Sustain down to zero on your attack sample, then lengthen the Attack on your "body" sample. Getting the mix right is tricky (phasing problems), but it should work fairly well.


  • Could be yes - I did some experimenting but with no luck. I'll try your suggestions.

    Would still love to be able to do different settings for different matrixes though :-/

  • Thanks - I got it to work 'ok'.

    But now I found a new "issue" - When I turn off releases I also do it in the performance page, meaning I turn them off for the entire VI instance rather than a single cell.

    So now I have three settings "Filter" "X-Fade on/off" and "Relases" which I have to select globaly. I would love if it were not so.

  • yes, indeed. Releases off for a single matrix, or even a single cell, would be very nice at times...