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  • Vienna Key/No Internet Connection

    The computer I use for composing does NOT have an internet connection and never will. How do i get around this problem - can i register key/software on a differenct computer (ie one that has internet connection)? Please help!

  • welcome jimmy,
    you can do everything on any computer which has an inzernet connection _and_ the syncrosoft license control center installed - of course you need to have the ViennaKey to which you want to download your licences on this computer too.
    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hey Jimmy,

    please do not forget that you will need the Syncrosoft License Control Center installed on your non-internet computer as well!

    Simply download the latest version from and transfer it to your music machine.

    Best, Marnix