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  • VI standalone vs plugin in sonar.

    re VI: I have A/Bd raw patches with standalone player and with VST plugin inside Sonar. I detect significant 'artifacts', click, pop, scrathiness etc. when using the plugin compared to standlaone. Has anyone else noticed this? The box in question served as VSL Pro Giga box previously but has new drives and no tweaks and is dedicated to VI.

    AMD 4400+
    4 gig ram
    4 seagate SATA II data drives
    1 seagate ATA applications drive
    audiophile 192 interface.
    Sonar 6 producer.

    I basically dump stereo audio from the midi boxes into pro-tools for mixing 1 track at a time , but use multiple tracks during composition.
    I noticed that VI forum's 'test' machines all were using Steinberg based software. My instincts are to try Cubase 4. Any suggestions?

  • A number of Sonar users, including myself, have noticed noise artifacts in a specific situation. Namely, when:

    a) A mod wheel is being used for velocity cross-fades, etc. and...
    b) The VI's window is being displayed.

    Is this the same situation you're hearing, or do you hear scratches and pops at other times?

  • what strikes me (but possibly unrelated) is, that starting from the time gigastudio was more often the subject of support issues regulary the audiophile has been involved ... some certain settings for this card which don't allow flawless streaming?

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.