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  • Shipping products delay???

    Hi VIusers!!!

    First I'd like to wish you a really creative & happy new year, full of love & compositions!!!

    I already own Solo, Chamber & Orch I strings in the standard library.
    I'd like to buy the extended libraries & the percussions (Standard only first!) but I don't know the shipping delays & deliveries for France (Paris)???...

    Could anyone who has just buy this recently gimme some indictions please?!...

    Secondly, maybe am I blind but I can't find the VI tech support link where to post this kinda questions?...

    Take care!


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    fab, you can purchase licenses for the extended libraries where you have already registered the standard online (this would be solo, chamber, orch. strings I in your case) - start here and login to display the *buy* button for extended.
    standard libraries can be ordered also online for shipping through our distributor (which is bestservice for france, the delay will be only a few workdays).
    standard (and extended libraries) can be also purchased from authorized dealers, currently i'm aware of univers sons (paris) and comeback music (lyon) who should have them in stock.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.