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  • some questions about Chamber Strings & Solo Strings

    OKay I have some money to spend and I can either buy Solo Strings or Chamber Strings. What's weird is that Solo Strings are cheaper than Chamber Strings but they seem to require a lot more storage. Am I misreading something or is it the case that Solo Strings need 84 gigabytes as opposed to 34 gb for Chamber Strings. I am thinking this must be a typo!

    Also, I am running a Macbook 13" w. 1.35 gb RAM and a iMac 17" dual core with 1.25 gb of RAM. Will the be problematic to play the V.I. instrument? I have no issues with Kontakt 2 nor any of the other sample libs I own.

  • I posted the same question yesterday. Here's what the site says (under "System Requirements")

    Apple G4 1 GHz (G5 or Intel Core Duo processor recommended)
    with Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

    1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
    VST (OS X, Win XP) or AU (Mac) compatible host (also works stand-alone)
    DVD drive for installation
    Fast separate harddrive with 82 GB free space for Solo Strings
    88 key master keyboard (highly recommended)
    ViennaKey (Vienna Symphonic Library USB Protection Device)
    Syncrosoft License Control Center or higher

    So, it looks like you'll be fine. Are you having any Ram issues with your current library (i.e. core audio not processing fast enough...)?

  • No I'm not having any issues with RAM at this time although I'll probably upgrade my iMac in the near future.

    I use Miro Philharmonik, EWQLSO Gold Pro XP, Korg Legacy Digital Edition, Arturia CS80V, Kontakt 2 (w. VSL instruments), Garritan J&BB, MOTU Symphonic Instrument, and a few other plug-ins and I have no problems (except my EXS sometimes gets weird with the polyphony when I'm using M-Audio Symphonic Brass and Strings libs).

    I'm just wondering why the cheapest of the VI instruments demands the most hard drive space. It's twice what the ensemble strings is. Or any other one of the VI instruments it seems.

  • The Solo Strings VI has a lot of articulations. Read through them and copare them to the others. It's pretty impressive!

    I'm going to get the Chamber Strings VI(full collection) first, then save up for the Solo Strings.

  • but that's the thing. Why are the Solo Strings so cheap compared to the other libs that have less samples but a higher price tag? not that I'm complaining since I'm in the market for solo strings but I'm just a little more than curious as to why.

  • Hello,

    sorry for responding so late...

    The Solo Strings are cheaper than the Chamber Strings, because there were less players [:)]

    And basically, the more RAM you have in your computers, the more comfortable it will be to work with the Vienna Instruments!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL