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  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!

    Since being here, i've learned much and shared good humour and intelligent comment with many old and new friends and colleagues. It's been rewarding, and instructive, on many levels.

    I'd like to say 'Merry Christmas!', and, as is the tradition here in Russia, a hearty 'Snovum Godum!' (Happy and successful New Year) to Herb and the VSL team, and the members here, with whom i've had the privilege to share humour, knowledge and spirited discussion.

    May you all, and your friends and families, enjoy this festive season in safety, good humour, and anticipation of a successful year to come.

    Regards, and best wishes to you all,


  • Alex--

    Your generosity of spirit never fails-- thanks for the good thoughts!!

    I join you in wishing the entire VSL team and its users a peaceful holiday season and a very prosperous 2007 with endless thanks for what has turned out to be an amazing 2006.

    My VSL candle will stay lit for 48 hours on 24-25 December in honor of all VSL devotees.

    Always in Peace,

  • Merry Christmas to you, Alex. I've got Shostakovich's book "Russian Symphony," and everytime I see it, I think of you.