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  • ...a missing "transition"?

    01 VI-14_perf-legato... in the softer Layer...

    ...playing from E5 to A5 I've got a "little -notverynice- hole"... (in italian, we should say "a little... step" [:O]ops[:)]

    It seems, to me, that in this interval the legato transition doesn't works... and the A5 got, consequently, a strange accent...

    Help. Is it something weird in my setup or someone else can confirm that?

    Thanks, cheers and Merry Christmas! [:D]

  • Hi rino, and merry Christmas.

    I loaded both the VI VI-14_perf-leg and the EXS VI-14_perf-leg_p (soft layer only). While the "scoop" between E5 and A5 is very fast, I didn't hear an accent or a space between the notes. The behavior of the interval sounded the same as E5 to A#5, B5, and C5 (that is, the surrounding intervals). And I removed all processing from the sound -- just played it dry.

    Sorry I couldn't confirm this for you. There have been times when certain legato intervals jump out at me too. But these seemed nornal.

  • Thanks a lot Plowman, for using your time to make a test and answer to my question...

    I've tried just with the stand alone VI too... and the problem, I hear, is "still" there...

    Don't know... I hope that Father Christmas will take a look to my setup and give me back my "missed transition-or whatelse it is"! [8-)]

    [:D] Cheers!

  • It sounds like there might be a problem with the wave file itself. Try re-installing that library.


  • Thanks jbm for answering... well... the re-istallation didn't change the problem...

    Please, Plowman and jbm, are you on Mac or PC...? (could be a platform issue?)

    Cm or somebody else at VSL... to "who" I can send a little audiofile to get some help about it...?


  • You got PM, Rino Amato.

    M a y a

  • Thank you, Maya... [:D]

  • Hi rino. Both the EXS and VI experiments I did were on a Mac.

  • [:'(] Thanks, Plowman...