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  • VSL Podcast - Show 28

    Hey Everyone. This week I interviewed Christof Unterberger who performed samples of the Cello for VSL. He talk about his career and how he got into VSL and his experiences working there. Many thanks to Christof for allowing the time for the interview.

    A new demo piece each from Beat Kaufmann and Guy Bacos, many thanks to both of them for these new pieces.

    Hope you enjoy everyone.

  • Hetoreyn,

    Thanks again for an entertaining show. I was fortunate to listen to Christof's music the first time round, and with a further listen, can appreciate even more his deft touch, and inherent musicality. Good music, that's enjoyable to listen to. The same for Beat, who continues to teach me a lot about working with samples and the possibilities within that medium. Beat performs and mixes 'brightly' (IMHO) and i find that very pleasant when listening, in contrast to 'dull' work that fails to inspire.
    Guy continues to show just how talented he is, and i've come to expect the same high standard of all his work, be it mockups or original.
    My admiration and respect to all of you.

    I also enjoyed the interview with Christof, and it's been thoroughly interesting to hear so many views and comments from the VSL team, and the philosophy of the VSL project, from within the organisation.

    Thanks again for putting this together, Hetoreyn, along with the rest of the shows this year. It's been required listening here, and i wish you and your family and friends, a great christmas and successful new year.