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  • Bösendorfer Imperial

    Comparing this to the old Tascam GigaPiano I really think that there was no improve in sampling technology.

  • welcome spacerboy, and thx for donating your words

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
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    @cm said:

    welcome spacerboy, and thx for donating your words

    i´m sorry to be so direct. i think most of VSL is really genius, even though i think that especially solo strings are not reproducible compared to the original at all.
    i´m interested in those sampled pianos for a long time now. its really hard to get to the real sound.

  • A friend of mine, a professional classical pianist that plays from USA to Japan (not including his native Europe) told me he hates the Bosens because of the thin sound compared to the long instrument. He says a very famous Italian piano craftman told him the problem is they are too narrow relatively to their lenght.
    What do you think about this?

  • Half of the art is making good use of what's out there.

  • You are right, infact, my friend, the Pianist, can pull out very fantastic notes and sound from my humble Kawai KG5 Grand Piano as from my Clavia Nord Stage thru 2 Genelec Monitors..