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  • About "dyn" lenght....

    Dears all,
    are the dyn patch ( 2 sec 3 sec etc ) the same lenght for all instruments ???
    Thanks in advance....

  • Hi Anton,

    the number and length of dyn Patches varies according to instrument. Normally, solo instruments have more durations (e.g., 1.5 to 6 sec.) because variety is good for them. Some bass instruments have less because they're not as expressive as higher ones.

    VSL manuals

  • ...thanks David ...i mean some patches have a different lenght inside...
    and other patches are all different : EX: TB-3_dyn - me 2s are more long than DB -6_dyn-me 2s, idem for dyn strong......

  • Ah yes - Well, the values given for the Patches are more or less average numbers ... I think if the players used stopwatches to play exact 2 sec. crescendos, the quality would suffer. And then there's that nasty 'beep-beep' at the end [[;)]]


  • ....Dont understand but many thanks.